Richard Mille Purchase Guide – Why is it so expensive?

Master of Modern Watch – The Vision of the fake Richard Mille in the same name brand in the 21st century: the front-garde luxury time meter, symbolizing the past destruction.

Jurham Mille
Born in 1951 in Dracona, Richard Mille, France, almost accidentally entered the world of watchmaking. Richard Mille is a French export manager of a French Mark, promoted the position of many list of books, when the Matra Group got Finhor.

In 1990, he became the CEO of Mao Hao, as well as the chief of jewelry. Deeply participated in the design process, his design combined with his love of the mechanic, gave birth to the idea of ​​the Richard Mille watch today.

“I want my dream to see that I will never find anywhere” – Richard Mille

Established in technological innovation, art and cultural exquisite table, Richard Mille became the leader of the modern watch industry and was regarded as the final expression of wealth.

From a beginning, Richard Mille’s plan is to create a first-class equation in the watch, completely neglect production costs, and focus on using modern production technology and high-tech materials. Very avant-garde and technical powerful, Richard Mille Murgus advanced technology and futuristic materials have entered the purity of design and extraordinary creativity, and integrate into traditional tabulation.

Richard Mille is significantly broken in the historical history, completely changing the world of luxury watches, copying how the car engineer builds a model of a formula, considering design, material use, components, and functions in the perfect operation.

In 2001, the watch industry saw the first Richard Mille RM 001 of Baselworld and supported the named Swiss movies, including Audemars Piguet Renaud ET PAPI. Only in 17 units, RM 001 is firmly established as one of the world’s most iconic and exclusive clocks.

In 2007, Richard Mille became a member of the Foundation, and then won the most coveted miracle in the watch, Agurus Horgu.

Richard Mille himself is an example of a lifestyle, that is, his name brand is often seen in the world of sports cars and boats, and hanging in the museum.

So far, Richard Mille has created significant watches and critical pressure tests that can run under extreme conditions in the design process, working with many athletes and celebrities. Although it is understood that the traditional tabular Touri wheel evaders, Richard Mille tried to prove his theory of his RM036 “G-Sensor Touring”, which can withstand the power capable of destroying most of the power-based power. The Richard Mille watches are well known to resist up to 5000 grams of impact and are more durable to wear extreme movements such as tennis, golf, track and field and skiing. Richard Mille redefines the traditional views collected by high-end watches and encourages his elite customers to wear Richard Mille watches in all occasions instead of sitting safe.

Fact about Richard Mille

Any Richard dawn watches can be easily identified even away from the distance. Richard Mille’s iconic sandwich tonnage-shaped case usually includes three decks, which is one of the most expensive and most difficult watches. Three curved decks must be processed together with extreme precision to prevent moisture or dust from entering.

Richard Mille uses high-tech materials commonly used in formula 1 car and aerospace in the watch. Richard Mille will invest millions of dollars in carbon nanotubes, tempered ceramics, NTPT® carbon, silicon nitride, and gold and other materials with carbon and quartz fusion. Another famous Richard Mille case material is a full sapphire crystal case, which requires absolute crazy 1500 hours sapphire processing single-handed watch.

In order to create a 21st century watch innovation, Richard Miller revisited a different new watch action with traditional Geneva peers. Richard Mille sports parts are usually a mixed power of titanium, and other materials are the professional team specialized by swiss Richard Mille and miniature engineers’ professional teams, the flowers are perfect and innovative.