Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey Limited-Edition Watch In the highly successful “Hublot Loves Art” concept, marking the latest chapters, the new Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Failey Limited Edition features a bold mandala design. Symbolizing the unity between natural circles and different cultures between different cultures, the appreciation of American artists, painters, skates, Shepad Fairy, and conceive the appreciation of American artists, painters, skates, and Hublot’s cooperation.

Inspired by mandala, this is a decorative symbol, and its origin can be traced back to several cultures on the Earth, and Hublot and Fairey have selected a watch from the classic fusion series as the basis for the second cooperation. The art will start brushing into a 45 mm wide titanium alloy Hublot Classical fusion fake timer box, a very small asymmetric effect is generated between the upper and lower half of the titanium. The top lug has a lining carving, which is aesthetically divided by a striped rubber table to the Hublot Fit since the origin of the brand. Black stainless steel deployment buckle also brush.

This artwork continues to cut on the dial to reveal the following self-stroke time. In the center, the homage of the watch is marked in the signature “star gear” of FAIREY. This highly complex pattern is marked with a traditional classic fusion opponent and dimples, while tiny tracks and timing second seconds of hand add a red – a color that is only magnified high energy design.

FAIREY said, “Hublot’s watchmakers and engineers are real masters in their field, so that I can further express my inspiration and the limitations imposed on materials and technology. I must say that I have the second time plan The final result is very impressed, I have created with Hublot. I want to integrate Mandala’s art, because of me, this has caused the contact between the inner and outer world. Observing the watch and Consider a powerful concept while considering time. ” replica Hublot

More about Shepard Fairey: Ranked in his generation’s most politically influential artist, his works included the famous “Obama Hope” poster, the iconic image of Barak Obama electoral activity in 2008, and The title “Liberté, égalité, brother” after the 2015 terrorist attack, as a symbol of French hopes. His work is in the world’s most famous museum, including Washington State Smithsoni, D.C., Los Angeles County Art Museum, New York Maya, London Victoria and Albert Museum, Name, but a few people. Since 2018, he has a Hublot ambassador.

Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe added, “His roots in street art – an expression, this is a basic form of protests – Shepard Fairey truly shocks the art world; his work let us Reflections. This is an inspiring method, which is also in line with the brand’s “Hublot Loves Art” program. For this second watchmaking art, artists hope to produce a remarkable vision through our brand’s expertise Impact’s technical aspects in order to immerse in the possible technologies, where ornamental elements communicate with the mind, allowing everyone to interpret this message. ” quartz replica watch