HYT H2 Tradition

HYT H2 Tradition shares a lot of mechanical expertise with H2 Full Gun of the same level, but the appearance is quite different. The off-road style of H2 Tradition cleverly combines modernity and classicism.

The risk of bravely accepting blue sky thinking is that in the pursuit of uniqueness, functionality may be compromised. Fortunately, despite the unusual characteristics of H2 Tradition, it is a practical ownership proposition that is very suitable for everyday wear.

The dial is simple and easy to read. The comfort of the wearer is excellent, allowing free movement of the wrist.

I find that one of the most impressive aspects of the H2 tradition is the finishing of the stainless steel bridge. Compared to brass or silver surfaces, they require more time to chamfer, but provide a unique appearance that can be refurbished more effectively.

“Tradition” brings comfort, while “modernity” shows excitement and originality. In this case, HYT replica cleverly blended these seemingly completely different features and produced an excellent timepiece.

The HYT H2 Tradition has a diameter of 48.8 mm and a case height of 17.9 mm, showing the proportions of behemoths, which may scare some potential buyers. However, please try it before putting the watch too large. Unexpectedly, the watch is very comfortable. I use the word “surprisingly”, but to be honest, I have felt the friendly support of several HYT timepieces before and always appreciate the comfort that the brand gives to the wearer of the model.

Part of the secret to achieving a pleasant combination between the case and the case can be attributed to the tendency of the short lugs and the integrated strap to aim downwards, apparently wishing to wrap the wrist.

The case is made of platinum and titanium. It has reassuring quality without being clumsy. A series of case treatments include polished, micro-sprayed and satin polished surfaces, which coexist harmoniously to produce excellent synergistic effects.Buy fake watches

Invite the wearer to approach the case and observe the dial through the sapphire glass frame. The side view attracts curious eyes to study the various components presented in the dial area.

The crown is located at 2 o’clock and has a knurled handle that tapers near its front edge and ends in a vertical plane. Similar to the case, the crown is large, but it does not strike the wrist. The size of the crown is very useful when oscillating weights or pendulum needles.

On the back of the watch, an exhibition back cover allows the wearer to view more movements.


The “exclusive movement” that powers the HYT H2 tradition is the same as the manual winding movement in the HYT H2 Full Gun, although in this case it has a different surface decoration, including more of the above-mentioned diamond guilloches. The bridge is stainless steel, combined with micro-spraying and polishing. This material is difficult to handle, making the flawless finish of the beveled inner corners even more impressive.

The V-shaped bellows layout of the H2 movement was conceived by the creative talents of HYT and Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi. Surprisingly, even though the movement requires two bellows pumps, it still provides an amazing power reserve of 192 hours.

The discussion about modern and classical aesthetics extends to the movement in the HYT H2 tradition. On the one hand, the bellows pump shows originality and enviable technical strength. On the contrary, the guilloche patterns and eye-catching decorations on the main board draw on the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Swiss high-end watches.

Technical index

Model: HYT H2 traditional
Reference: 248-TW-10-BF-AB
Case: Titanium and white gold; diameter 48.80 mm; height 17.90 mm; water resistance to 5 bar (50 meters); sapphire crystal glass front and back cover.
Functions: hours; minutes; crown position indicator with small seconds.
Movement: HYT exclusive movement; frequency 21,600 vph (3Hz), 28 jewels; power reserve 192 hours
Strap: A blue alligator leather strap on an unfolded titanium strap.