Patek Philippe Nautilus 3710

Collection comet: Patek Philippe Nautilus 3710

The replica Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the handful of watches, where the term is actually one of the iconic applications. Its impact not only on sports watches, but also on the entire watch market cannot be underestimated. Even today, 44 years after its release, it is still one of the most popular watch models on the planet. But this popularity comes at a price, and in some cases, it makes Nautilus wearing a boring choice, or at least an unoriginal choice. There is no judgment here, because my daily wearer is a Rolex 16610. However, if you know where to look, you can still enter the Nautilus family without being confused by the financial brothers.

Enter Patek Philippe Nautilus 3710 “Comet”. Nautilus, which came out in 1998, is the first Nautilus with complicated functions in addition to the date due to its unique power reserve display function. The reference also marks the restoration of the beloved “Jumbo” case size for the first time since the original reference 3700. The model strikes a perfect balance by retaining the key elements that make Nautilus so popular, while at the same time distinguishing itself through some thoughtful distinctions.

The iconic case remains faithful to the original design of Gentas, with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of only 8.1mm. This makes the watch smaller than the modern 5711 and larger than the old 3700. The bracelet has excellent clarity and pulls down almost completely, thus avoiding the style of current reference books. With the faithful performance of the original “single piece” case, the waterproof performance of 120m and the excellent brushed and polished surface effects of the entire 3710 case and bracelet are almost perfect.

Although the case design is roughly the same, the dial is quite different. The matte black background is very different from our usual gradient blue teak deck style, which can balance the placement of the watch. The soft background brings a welcome calm to the design, as the white gold Roman numerals, external rails and power reserve add all the necessary style. The numbers and hands are completely illuminated, because the example is from 1998, so me is is, not more modern materials like Super-Luminova, which is a detail that most collectors like.

The complexity of the power reserve is unusual-this is the only function that Patek Philippe realizes-the power reserve meter and hands rotate in the sub-dial. When winding, people can see the meter rotate clockwise in an animated form, like it is flying like a comet, and get it. This is an interesting animated watch whose details add charm to the watch. It’s easy for replica Patek Philippe to mess up the dial and make it too busy, but they usually nail it, and I think it can go straight to the line without crossing it.

Powering the watch is the self-winding movement 330 SC. It contains a shock absorber, a self-compensating flat hairspring and a linear lever escapement. This is a real sports watch; you don’t need to endure it as easily as its price tag. Of course, its finishing has the excellent performance of the Geneva logo, but due to the lack of a transparent bottom cover, you may never see it. Although I like a good display back cover, I don’t mind missing it here to get the overall style that Genta envisioned for the original design.

In this Instagram age, everyone seems to have the same Discount fake watch wish list, this Nautilus stands out, I believe it has not yet been fully appreciated. The watches of the 1990s represented the end of the watchmaking era, and slowly but surely became more collectible. Soon after the advent of Nautilus in 1998, the era of silicon, ceramics and Super-Luminova gave birth to a new generation of truly modern timepieces. The reason why this 3710 is so outstanding is that it combines a unique icon style and is one of its last vintage references. This is the Nautilus of connoisseurs, and I don’t want it to be used for a long time.