JACOB&CO. Solar astronomy, a gem in the sky

After 2 years of development, Jacob & Co. replica revealed solar astronomy through the eight planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The manufacturer once again broke through the limits of the fine watchmaking industry with a 44.5 mm case, and is unique in this watchmaking process. The diameter movement of solar astronomy is 34.55 mm, and has 439 components in a constant bidirectional rotation, and represents the solar system, further enhancing the authenticity of celestial bodies.

The center of the movement rotates in a clockwise direction, and it takes only ten minutes to complete a full 360-degree rotation. The Tanglin base rotates in the opposite direction at the exact same speed, thus forming a simplified view of the acceleration of the solar system. The ideal behind the Jacob & Co. Astronomy series has always been to achieve high success in an interesting environment. In “Solar Astronomy”, the eight planets of the solar system occupy a place on the dial for the first time. The sun is in the shape of citrine in the middle, and has the characteristic Jacob Cut and its 288 faces.

The hand-engraved globe rotates on its own axis every 60 seconds and completes a complete rotation of the dial within 10 minutes. As part of the assembly, the case also houses an auxiliary hour and minute dial and a one-minute flying tourbillon. The new internal movement allows for a compact housing, new functions and faster rotation speed.

The JCAM19 movement has a beating frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), which is faster than any other astronomical model. However, despite its small diameter, only 34.55 mm, it contains 439 components, excluding semi-precious stones, which is a larger proportion than other astronomical models. The new Solar Astronomy continues the astronomical tradition of abstract representation of the universe, combining high-end Swiss watchmaking with Jacob Arabo’s innovative ability in cutting the most advanced gemstones, thus broadening the horizons literally and visually. best fake watch

Manual, JCAM19 movement, 447 parts, 43 jewels, 48 ​​hours of operation
Function hour and minute hands
, Two-axis tourbillon
Watch case
Rose gold, 30 m
44.5 mm