U-boat-new in 2020


Well, this is very exciting and humble. Our good friends on fake U-Boat have already provided our pre-sale with access to their latest works. Nine new Capsoil and five new Lady models.

Capsoil was originally released as a four-piece set in November 2018. The two chronograph-only stainless steel or DLC watches and the two chronographs all use stainless steel or DLC cases (8110, 8108, 8111 and 8109, respectively). These radical new timepieces have one major difference compared to all other U-boats, the case is full of grease. Unlike Bell and Ross Hydromax, which is filled with oil to make it able to withstand the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean at 11,000 meters, Capsoils uses oil and curved sapphire glass to create a unique aesthetic effect, and the wearer can look from incredible sharp angles Watch the watch. It’s like the dial is printed on the bottom surface of sapphire glass. The edge of the dial is in a state of constant visual confusion (or TurmOil?). This is the only way to distract.

As I mentioned in the previous article, making round sapphire crystals is difficult and expensive. The crystal is grown in a long tube and then cut into the individual discs required for each watch. This process makes it suitable for flat glass. Historically, glass is a moldable Hardlex crystal or similar crystal. This process makes it suitable for round glass. The new Capsoils released this year feature mineral glass. Therefore, you can expect the price of original Capsoils to drop due to the above reasons. However, we were very impressed with the prices of the new models between 770 and 990 pounds! This time there is also a bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) model! It can only be achieved by assuming that U-Boat can perfect the refueling situation.

Despite the price drop, all new Capsoil models are still equipped with the Swiss Rhonda 712.3 movement, which is equipped with an oil bath, a 38mm or 44mm diameter case, downward fixing screws, curved mineral glass and 50m water resistance. Most specifications of the original, plus all the charms and features, only cost half the money.

Whether you think my usual articles, erudite articles or mediocre jokes, they exist for the purpose. Educate and encourage readers to purchase reasonable luxury watches. However, U-Boat did all the hard work for me. Only five words are needed: Shanda’s essential oils.

There are seven Darkmoon models and two Rainbow models.

Darkmoon 44mm black dial and bronze PVD case, with laser-cut hand-made leather strap-No. 8467.