The Chopard Mille Miglia GTS power control system utilizes all the proprietary technology of the Geneva brand and pays tribute to the iconic Mille Miglia, which has been a regular competition since 1988. Angus Davies carefully checked this racing-themed watch hedonist and car fanatic.

In the 1950s, life as a professional racer was inherently dangerous. Countless riders who pursued their favorite sport lost their lives. In the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955, two cars collided, causing the Mercedes-Benz to crash into nearby spectators, killing 84 people and injuring more.

Carrera Panamericana, a nine-stage race across Mexico, also took his life. In the past five years, from 1950 to 1954, a total of 27 people were killed. The Cuban Grand Prix only ran 3 times, in 1957, 1958 and 1960. A car crashed into the audience again, killing 7 people and wounding more. The irony is that the danger of racing is not limited to the track. Juan Manuel Fangio was kidnapped by political insurgents the night before the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix. Fortunately, he was subsequently released without being hurt.

The Mille Miglia endurance race exceeded 1,000 miles and was undoubtedly the most fascinating motor sport of the time. In fact, Enzo Ferrari described Mille Miglia as “the most beautiful race in the world.” Tree-lined roads and magnificent landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for this daunting challenge. The Mille Miglia car raced from 1927 to 1957, although no races were held in 1939, and there was an episode between 1941 and 1946. Sadly, even though the game shrank in the glorious vision, Mille Miglia was no stranger to danger. For example, there were two fatal car accidents in the last race in 1957. Drivers and spectators including five children were killed, marking the end of the legendary game.

Since 1977, this 1,000-mile race has become more civilized and relaxed. Now, this event is the “old car regular season”, arguably the most prestigious event of its kind. In 2020, 400 cars from 1927 to 1957 will enter the round-trip route from Brescia to Rome. Every year, the audience cheers on the side of the road, and the crowd is full of smiling faces. This race still challenges its competitors, but it does not have the risks of the explosive, adrenaline-driven racing of the 1950s.

Chopard will always be associated with the modern Mille Miglia event. It began to cooperate with the annual regular season in 1988. From the beginning of this partnership, Chopard has produced the annual Mille Miglia watches, in limited quantities, some of which are exclusively for competitors. In 1989, Chopard chose to make keychains to commemorate the competition, and three years later, in 1992, the Geneva brand produced cufflinks. However, it turns out that these two times are exceptions, and Chopard makes a new Mille Miglia watch every year.

At Baselworld 2019, Chopard launched a new Mille Miglia model GTS Power Control. After spending nearly a few hours evaluating the watch, I can already prove that this is Fabulous.

The Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control dial is displayed in dark gray with a round brushed effect. The dial surface forms an area of ‚Äč‚Äčalternating light and dark.

The multi-faceted gold-plated hands can effectively display the hours and minutes. They are lined with luminous treatment, which helps to read in dim light. The hour markers have luminous batons with faceted tips, except for 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and are indicated by full Arabic numerals.

The central sweeping seconds hand surrounds the dial. It has a prominent counterweight and a bold red nib. The date is at 3 o’clock, framed by the vibrant “1000 Miglia” directional arrow. In addition, the minute scale is displayed on the flange surrounding the dial area, proving to be useful when reading the main time.

The power reserve indicator is the power reserve indicator, which is biased to the left of the display, between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock. It is similar to a car’s fuel gauge and can notify the wearer when the watch is low on battery. The instructions are easy to explain and very stylish.


The diameter of the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control is 43mm, the case thickness is 11.43mm, and the torso is quite large. The main benefit of its huge scale is that each dial instruction has enough space to execute without interference. Will not squeeze dial elements or uneven proportions. best fake watches

Obviously, a sufficiently large case size may be a problem for some prospective wearers, but they will be able to find other options in Chopard’s extensive product catalog. However, before disbanding this model, I would urge anyone interested to put the watch on their wrist so as not to be surprised. Chopard cleverly shaped the shape of the case to achieve anatomical efficiency. Suddenly, the 43mm label seemed less relevant. Indeed, considering clothing, the key factor affecting fit is tailoring, and this is also true for watches.

The two-tone box is made of stainless steel and 18-carat ethical rose gold. The frame is made of precious metal with black inlays. The gold-toned crown is decorated with a steering wheel pattern on its vertical side and is located between the shoulders of the crown protector. Chopard carefully used sturdiness without making the elegant lines of the watch obvious.

Close inspection of the case revealed too many details. Eight screws hold the highly polished bottom cover in place. The unique number of the watch is clearly displayed, which is part of the limited edition watch. The term “Brescia> Roma> Brescia” reminds the wearer of the 1,000-mile race route. A series of arcs that form arcs imitate the Mille Miglia logo design, albeit in a curved form. Finally, a sapphire crystal glass frame provides a curious look for the self-winding Chobre Chopard 01.08-C movement.

The Chopard Mille Miglia GTS power control device is equipped with a Cognac calfskin strap with the same color stitching. The perforations in the leather replicate the appearance of old racing gloves, while the black rubber lining mimics the appearance of past Dunlop tires. buying replica watch