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Jacob & Co Astronomia Meteorite Triangle Diamonds AT800.30.HD.HD.A Replica watch

The gold and glass galaxies of the Astronomia Jacob&Co This year, the astronomy collection “Astronomy” from “Jacob&Co” received a new replenishment

This year, the astronomical collection “Astronomy” from “Jacob&Co” has received new additions. Her latest masterpiece is in 2018

Astronomia Maestro (Astronomia Maestro) exhibited at Baselworld 2018. No small watch is allowed. The watch uses a rose gold and sapphire case, and a complex movement rotates under a glass dome.

Astronomia Maestro (Astronomia Maestro), conceived and executed in collaboration with Jacob Arabo and master watchmaker Luca Soprano, leads the viewer on a wonderful journey through space. Through the sapphire display with a diameter of 50 mm, which is more reminiscent of the porthole of a spaceship, the viewer can enjoy the charming dance of space objects.

In recent years, the duo of craftsmen have designed and manufactured several movements in the Astronomers series (including the first vertical movement that rotates around its central axis and the rotating star chart in the astronomical sky). Two years have brought the “Master of Astronomy” to life.

Around the center of the dial, the “Earth Ball”, the moon phase indicator, the famous three-axis tourbillon “Jacob & Co” and the gravity-type miniature astronaut are moved on the four semi-axes of the mechanism.

The earth model in the watch is made of lacquered magnesium and rotates on its axis every 30 seconds while moving across the entire dial.

The Astronomy Master has a very primitive moon phase indicator-exquisite black and white diamonds with 288 facets. The black and white half of the diamond represents a new or full moon, which can be guessed by the color of the stone. The “moon” revolves around the entire mechanism once every 10 minutes, and around its axis in 31 days. The date scale is located on the outer metal ring around the indicator.

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The highlight of this high-tech celebration is that an astronaut in a spacesuit is short, alive, floating in the weightless state of the astronomer’s mechanical world. The statuette moves around the dial every 10 minutes and flips every 30 seconds.

In addition, “Holidays” received musical accompaniment in the form of a unique minute repeater with a carillon. The Maestro repeater is the first repeater in the history of watchmaking. It includes three hammers and three gongs and produces three sounds instead of the usual two. The gongs that reproduce the melody of the cathedral carillon are arranged spirally above the main board and can be easily seen through the side walls of the housing.

In order to create a melodic sound reminiscent of church bells, the minute repeater strikes the hours, quarters and minutes in different tones from low to high. At the same time, the available space under the sapphire dome and the walls of the cheap replica watches provide strong and clear sound.

The transponder mechanism is equipped with a ratchet fuse box, in which the energy required for operation is provided by a high-speed rotating photosensitive drum. In addition, the patented system can protect the mechanism from repeated squeezing and damage.

In addition to its acoustic properties, the master astronomer is also considered a leader in the watchmaking industry because of its three-axis tourbillon. Although the system was originally designed to prevent the earth’s gravity from acting on the moving parts of the mechanical device, the rotation along three axes increases its effectiveness. The carriage containing the escapement traverses the balance wheel axis in 60 seconds and completes its rotation around its axis in 2.5 minutes. At the same time, the entire tourbillon will perform a complete cycle around the central axis within 10 minutes. Three-axis rotation ensures the unique Jacob & Co. JCEM03″.

Astronomia Maestro (Astronomia Maestro) is a designer style, but still a model of Swiss Orthodox watchmaking. The complexity of watch design makes its mechanism almost impossible to realize. Its implementation requires its creators to reconsider and reinvent many elements of the mechanism.

technical details

Reference: AM500.40.AC.SD.B

Movement: Jacob & Co. JCEM03, manual winding;
Diameter: 39.7mm; Height: 19.6mm; Number of parts: 601
Material: titanium and cupronickel;
Functions: hours and minutes, minute repeater with carillon and spiral gong, moon phase, date;
System: Vertical modular mechanical device with 4 semi-axes, and a complete rotation around the central axis within 10 minutes;
• Three-axis tourbillon, the first carriage rotates for 60 seconds, and the second carriage rotates for 2.5 minutes;
• The lacquered magnesium ball spins for 30 seconds; weight: 0.3 grams;
• Hand-made, hand-painted magnesium astronaut statue, rotating for 30 seconds; weight: 0.2 grams
• Moon phase and date, 2 JacobCut® Diamonds hemispheres: 1 carat weight;
Minute repeater: hour, quarter and minute (note: do, re, mi), carillon with 3 gongs and 3 hammers at 6 o’clock;
Patented dual mechanical safety function during the operation of the repeater;
Advantages in watchmaking: three gongs hovering on the chassis, with a three-axis tourbillon;
The diameter of the gong: sentinel: 44.7 mm; quarter hour: 43.5 mm; minute: 44.1 mm;
Power reserve: 60 hours; frequency: 21,600 v/min (3 Hz); stone: 56.

carry out
Platinum and bridges: manual finishing and polishing, circular grinding, chamfer polishing; manual screw polishing; drum: round particles.

Case, dial, strap
Diameter: 50 mm; Height: 26mm; Material: 18K rose gold; There are sapphire holes on the side;
Bottom cover: double gong reinforced cover with rotating arm for winding and setting time;
Set the rotating wheel of the moon phase;
Crystal: unique hemispherical sapphire with anti-reflective coating;
Water resistance: 30 m
Dial: aluminum and titanium, paint index;
Hand: blue;
Watch strap: crocodile leather;