MB&F Horological Machine N°3 Frog X

A leap in ten years: MB&F Horological Machine N°3 Frog X 2009 is the fourth year for MB&F to give full play to its creativity and mechanical art. Horological Machine N°1 and N°2 set clear creative benchmarks for MB&F: bold design, deformed micro-mechanics, and unrestrained imagination. Then Horological Machine N°3 came out, inheriting the three elements of HM1 and HM2 design, micro-machinery and imagination, but the structure diverged from the traditional and went straight to the realm of time and space in 3D form.

Horological Machine N°3 “FrogX” comes in three styles: blue, purple and green.

A year later, in 2010, this time carrier that led MB&F into a new universe, fully demonstrated its flexible and changeable potential, and gave birth to the brand’s first (and most popular) mascot: HM3 “Frog”, which was launched in MB&F globally. Lay an unshakable position in the hearts of fans. Today, ten years after its introduction, HM3 Frog has returned strongly. The precision design is fully visible under the glamorous sapphire crystal case, but there is still a secret message waiting to be unlocked. Horological Machine N°3 “FrogX” officially debuted. Discount watches

The HM3 FrogX 10th Anniversary Limited Sapphire Crystal Edition is equipped with 22K gold and titanium alloy Tomahawk-shaped automatic disc, with blue, purple or green CVD coating commensurate with the waterproof gasket of the case.

The hour and minute information is transmitted between the rotation of the two spherical “big eyes”; the grinning “big mouth” reveals the MB&F’s signature Tomahawk-shaped automatic plate, and when the date scale is scanned, there will be occasional flashes. The body has a smooth “skin” made of titanium, rose gold or rare zirconium metal. Among the amphibians living in the pond, HM3 Frog may be only a small group, but it is a huge existence that cannot be ignored on the wrist. It is a classic product inspired by dynamic art and watch machinery.

Horological Machine N°3 FrogX’s 3D movement was developed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht / Agenhor, based on the Girard-Perregaux movement.

The Horological Machine N°3 “FrogX” watch follows the MegaWind method of discarding the date display, allowing the automatic dial to be enlarged. It is also the first time that the HM3 movement has been fully revealed. The aluminum metal is as thin as possible to create two semi-circular turntables that are as thin as paper, rotating under the time scale, as if simulating the lateral movement of a frog’s pupils, displaying the hours and minutes at the same time. Frogs are the most lively creatures in nature. They are born with bright colors. To reproduce this feature, the bottom of the automatic plate and the two semi-circular turntables are decorated with Super-LumiNova luminous paint.

HM3 FrogX inherits the HM3 movement carried by MegaWind Ultimate Edition. Whether it is the perfect and harmonious watch bridge, balance wheel, wheel train or MB&F’s classic Tomahawk-shaped automatic disc, you can enjoy it from the dial side.

If the first generation of HM3 Frog is amphibious, FrogX is an arboreal glass frog living in the cloud forests of Central America. The transparent case is entirely made of sapphire crystal. This hard mineral in the world can only be polished with a diamond-tip tool or a special high-tech carbide drill. Although MB&F has worked with top sapphire crystal manufacturers (such as the early works HM4 Thunderbolt and HM6 Alien Nation), it is still a difficult challenge to complete the processing of the HM3 FrogX case. The two independent sapphire crystal semicircular turntables must not only have the same size, but also have the same thickness and radian to avoid optical distortion and affect reading time.

It is extremely difficult to process sapphire into a solid shape. The two semi-circular turntables of the Horological Machine N°3 FrogX model and the upper half of the case are made of sapphire crystal and welded together, making the processing more difficult.

If you expect to see the usual Tomahawk logo on the HM3 FrogX winding and timing crown, and what you see is a smooth and meticulously polished disk (a sharper observer may notice slightly inconsistent light reflection), There must be some confusion. As long as you pass through the correct angle, the right parallel light and the light-receiving surface, the last secret of FrogX can be revealed. MB&F finely sculpts the metal crown in the microscopic world, so that it reflects light in a very precise and specific way and displays the secret message-the tomahawk-shaped logo.

The hour and minute dials and the bottom of the Tomahawk-shaped automatic dial are all made of Super-LumiNova luminous paint.

The HM3 FrogX 10th Anniversary Limited Edition watch has three styles of blue, purple and green (automatic disc, Super-LumiNova luminous paint and case waterproof gasket have the same color)