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Richard Mille establishes new partnership in arts and sports In order to continue to support the promise of excellence and creativity, Richard Mille recently welcomed three new partners of the Swiss brand family-Tokyo Palace, Nelly Korda and Didier De Didier Drogba. These associations have been brought into a space that recognizes and values ​​the achievements of internationally renowned art centers and world-class athletes, demonstrating the company’s passion for encouraging artistic innovation and competitive originality.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace becomes part of Richard Mille’s modern vision

To ensure that the light of art burns in the French capital, Richard Mille signed a three-year partnership with the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The Tokyo Palace is located in the center of Paris. It is not a traditional museum and does not have any collections. On the contrary, it is the center of contemporary art and a vibrant experimental platform mainly dedicated to French and European art.

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Obviously, the venue provides a vast gallery space to hold exhibitions for mature and emerging artists. The exhibition is inspired by Richard Mille’s enthusiasm, and promotes Swiss brands into the field of high-end swiss watch men by encouraging The same independent mentality of the leading position, forging new aesthetics.

Golf champion Nelly Korda joins Richard Mille

After winning the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open in Adelaide, the rising superstar Nelly Korda is Richard Mille’s latest partner from the golf world. Nelly is only 20 years old and has been all the rage since 2016, when she won the Sioux Falls LPGA Golf Championship stage of the Symetra Tour, then went on to participate in the LPGA Taiwan Championship and won her first LPGA Tour Championship. .

In keeping with other talented athletes who participated in the development of the sporty ladies’ collection for the brand, the young American wore the iconic RM 007 Titanium watch-a female automatic wrist that combines beauty, ergonomics and technology. table. Created along modern, delicate lines, the slender shape of this exquisite timepiece fits tightly on the wrist, and its design shows the overall design of the case and dial. In addition, the free suspension balance wheel has higher reliability in the case of vibration, and can also guarantee better timing performance for a longer period of time, making it an ideal choice for any athlete. But it is the inherent elegance and luxury of RM 007 that makes it attractive to all women.

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Didier Drogba and Richard Mille-a story of friendship

International football star Didier Drogba is the pride of Richard Mille’s family. His professional achievements and personal contributions are highly praised. Didier is the highest record shooter in Ivory Coast and has thousands of admirers. In his brilliant career, he is known as one of the best shooters in the world.

He showed his heart as a standard supporter of peace, especially through his actions on behalf of the Drogba Foundation, which won him more love and respect. “For more than ten years, I have been working hard to achieve peace and promote coexistence. This association is very important in my image and is commensurate with my achievements as a football player so far.”

As a watch fan and a fan of the brand, Didier has joined the Richard Mille men’s and women’s wear, athletes and artists group. They are committed to protecting and defending those in need, and are protected by watch brands. stand by.

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