URURRK UR-100V iron introduction

The replica UR-100 is a complementary product to the URWERK series and was not produced until the end of last year, but we have seen senior watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and chief designer Martin Frei have released multiple versions.

These include the URWERK UR-100 time and space-iron and black, bronze, and of course gold, for obvious reasons, they quickly gained the nickname C3P0. Therefore, if someone asks the world whether the fifth edition of UR-100 is needed, that would be a very appropriate question.

Martin explained: “UR-100 is one of our latest products, but we have been discussing it for a long time. Now, the reason why we have not followed the various watches we have made so far, but has the first The reason why the watch has a number first is because UR-100 is the beginning of a retrospective exercise for us.”

The design of UR-100 uses a clear dome sapphire crystal, which allows the time indication of URWERK’s orbiting satellites to be clearly visible. The movement to be asked here is the self-winding UR 12.01, which is displayed in a typical copy URWERK way, indicating the time when the satellite time difference moves from the minute scale to the 6 o’clock position of the watch.

What makes UR-100 and URWERK’s products that have been produced since production stand out is the shell design. Carefully observe the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock of the watch, you will find that the watch has two other sub-indicators. This is where the watch gets the SpaceTime part of its initial name.

The track hour hand gives two forms of information through these sub-indicators. The 10 o’clock scale tracks the approximate value of the distance covered when the earth rotates around its axis, that is, an average speed of 555 kilometers per 20 minutes. The balance at 2 o’clock tracks the approximate distance the earth travels while orbiting the sun: this is a very rough average speed, 35,740 kilometers per 20 minutes.replica swiss watches

Everything is good and great (and we already know it); the question remains: Why is there a fifth edition of UR-100? Well, the answer is that this is not just another UR-100. The UR-100V iron has an updated movement: self-winding UR 12.02.

Now, the new movement brings the aperture of the hour hand closer to the minute scale. The purpose of this is only to make time reading more intuitive.

Felix shared: “So when you get closer to the first version of UR-100 and the current V, you may immediately see that we have moved the hours from the center of [satellite system] to minutes [scale]. We switched the side of the satellite to indicate the hour, this is the evolution of the carousel.

“When we started using the UR-100, we wanted to focus on the satellite mechanism. That’s why this expanded sapphire crystal was used and why it was designed so that you can check the hours in the center and then the minutes. In fact, As time goes by, we know that reading time will be more natural if we move time away from the center. Therefore, this is what we expressed on the latest version of UR-100V. This is the development of UR-100, and now we have produced 100 pieces of the first four editions came out. In the fifth edition, this is where we ensure that it will also be meaningful compared to the previous edition, and to some extent, it is unique and novel.”

UR 12.02 self-winding movement, the winding axis is controlled by the Windf√§nger screw; hours and minutes; the distance the earth’s equator moves in 20 minutes (zoomed at 10 o’clock), the distance the earth moves around the sun in 20 minutes (at 2 o’clock) Zoom at the clock); 48 hours power reserve

Titanium and stainless steel; width: 41mm, length: 49.7mm, height: 14mm; water resistance 30m

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