Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie watch

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The just-released Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie is a masterpiece of ingenious design, with a magnificent and petite Sonnerie timekeeping mechanism, as well as a minute repeater device and a new patented jumping second hand. In Patek Philippe’s words, the 6301P Grande Sonnerie is a “derivative product” of the Calibre 300 found in the behemoth Grandmaster Chime 6300G. The 6301P is made of a platinum case with extraordinary wearable size and design. It is a special timepiece with extremely rare complexity.

This new manual-winding GS 36-750 PS IRM movement consists of 703 parts and is therefore very complicated, even though the movement itself is only 37 mm wide and 7.5 mm thick. With three patents and the use of silicon parts (specially used for hairspring and patented jumping seconds device), this is a completely modern movement in manufacturing and design.

Although this movement is relatively compact, it does require a lot of power to perform all these very complex functions. Patek Philippe’s solution consists of two double barrels in series, one dedicated to the traveling train and the other dedicated to the chime mechanism (a total of four barrels). The movement operates at a speed of 25,200 vph and can provide a 72-hour power reserve for the watch and a 24-hour power reserve for strikes. Therefore, when the 6301P Grand Sonnerie is fully wound, it will sound throughout the day and a quarter of an hour for 24 hours.wrist replica watches During the 24-hour period of electricity consumption, there were 1,056 strikes. I am not greedy-I just want one day.

If 1,056 hits are too big, you can activate the other two modes on the 6301P Grande Sonnerie. Use the slide switch at 6 o’clock on the case to activate the small Sonnerie Strikework mode, which is only triggered for a full hour. The same sliding switch can also be used to activate the silent mode, in which the chime function is turned off, although the three o’clock chime can be easily activated by pressing the embedded button on the crown at 3 o’clock. One of the three patents introduced by the 6301P is related to how the mechanism isolates loud sonatas in silent mode, so that it does not use any energy that would deplete the power reserve. The second patent is a single slide switch at 6 o’clock, which allows you to choose between ensemble, small sonata and silent mode. Previously, this required two slide switches. best fake watches

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The best timepiece “Why not?” In this move, Patek Philippe also introduced a new instant beating or no beating second hand. With the third (and last) patented system used here, the mechanism uses wheels and release levers to unlock the gear train every second, which is a boon when considering energy consumption. I’m sure, watching the second hand jump to 60 will immediately make a sound, which is not easy to get bored.

The case design obviously tends to be skilful, which is a typical decision inherent in fake Patek Philippe and also emphasizes the importance of this piece. Measuring 44.8 mm wide and 12 mm thick, this is a very slim product, tilted to the invisibility provided by the platinum case. Except for the button on the crown, the slide switch at 6 o’clock and the diamonds inlaid on all Platinum Pateks, there are very few trivial decorations here. The same is true for the dial, which is rich in black enamel, coated with Breguet white gold numbers, 18k gold dial and white gold leaf-shaped hands. Patek Philippe chose to cast Lume on his hands in a very strange and unexpected move, which is ironic, because the fact is that a tweet mechanism was issued to inform the time in the dark. Given the caution and reasonable size of this watch, the owner may actually know that you are wearing it and want to know when it turns black. So, I said, it is good for Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie is a product launched by Patek Philippe in the second half of the year. It is definitely an invisible masterpiece. I really hope to get started as soon as possible.

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