Why does Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital cost more than

Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital R220001 Replica watch

There are two different versions of this watch, and the difference between the two is almost limited to the case material. Many of the most expensive watches are expensive because they are set with precious stones, which of course will increase the price of the roof.

However, as far as Récital 22 Grand Récital is concerned, the reason why the watch is expensive is entirely because of its exquisite workmanship and the long time it takes to produce various effects, which makes the watch a real watch. Yes. BOVET watches are inherently restricted in production due to the complexity of their manufacture.

This special watch is issued in limited editions worldwide. These will be rolled out very slowly, simply because they cannot be produced quickly.

This is just inherent in the nature of the watch. Today, BOVET may most strongly recognize a decorative element, namely the use of extremely fine miniature paintings, usually in the form of cold enamel on the dial. Récital 22 Grand Récital has a very, very good example of this craft.

The core of the watch is the hemisphere representing the earth viewed from above the North Pole. In order to achieve a wonderful translucent effect, many layers of enamel have been applied to the hemisphere, in which the clouds actually float on the ocean and continents. The paint is actually luminous and very, very luminous, and when you turn off the lights, you will see an incredibly charming continental glow.

This particular watch belongs to the so-called astronomical complication. These timepieces usually show the relative position of the stars relative to the observer standing on the earth, or in this case, the relative position of the sun and the moon relative to the observer standing on the earth.

Therefore, the focus is on the rotating hand-drawn illustrations of the upper hemisphere and the northern hemisphere of the earth. The tourbillon is located directly below the six o’clock position. Looking at the watch, we can see the tourbillon spinning, and the position of the tourbillon is the same as the position of the sun relative to the earth. Therefore, the tourbillon represents the sun in this fashion replica watches. What revolves around the earth is a spherical depiction of the moon, which is divided into a sunlit hemisphere and a dark hemisphere. You can read the moon phase from the position of this small hemisphere orbiting the earth.

The back of the watch also contains information. This is the so-called perpetual calendar. Now, the perpetual calendar is a mechanical watch that can know the difference between a know year and a non-le year, and it can also advance the date correctly at the end of each month, whether it is a 30-day month or a 31-day month.

The relative rarity of the watch and the amount of handwork to complete the movement, case, and other aspects constitute a huge, truly old-fashioned craft, which is simply not cheap. At this level of watchmaking, you are actually talking about people who aim to attract people with specific tastes and budgets. There are 705 components in this Discount watch.