Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver’s 200m

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Wrist diving computers have been chasing for many years, modern diving best fake watches for men are in a special state, and some might even say that this is an unstable position. A diver’s watch can hardly escape the fact that modern dive computers are functionally redundant, but if they are not interested in the equipment, divers get nothing, and many divers still wear dive watches in case the dive computer malfunctions – after all In dangerous situations, equipment redundancy is an advantage. Of course, most diver’s watches are not worn by divers, but when we wear watches, we still like to feel that the things on our wrists are solid, uncompromising tool watches, not afraid of violent percussions, if you find yourself in a life or death situation You can rely on it.

In the middle of the whole puzzle is the 200m of the Seiko Grand Seiko Spring Driver Diver, which is not only a diving watch, but also a Grand Seiko diving watch-which means that we will see it in one minute. This is a large (44.2mm x 14mm) large stainless steel diving watch that meets all the requirements of ISO 6425-this is the international standard for diving watches. Among other things, it also stipulates a unidirectional rotating bezel and a minimum distance of water resistance. It is 100 meters and can withstand magnetic fields up to 4,800 A/m, as well as other basic requirements such as seismic resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

This is a very classic work, albeit in a technical/utilitarian way; it neither feels like a pure, unmodified device (unlike a distant cousin, Seiko’s entry-level dive watch , Such as the classic SKX007), nor does it feel like a penetrating movement in a quiet urban luxury (like many other Grand Seikos). Equipped with Spring Drive movement 9R65, it uses a quartz tuning fork resonator, does not require a battery, supports a power reserve indicator, and is rated to run +/- 1 second per day by Seiko. (If you are unfamiliar, Spring Drive is a technology unique to Seiko – there is a traditional clockwork and gear train, but its end is a “gear” that is rotated by the gear train to generate electric current. The electric current is two electromagnetic Powered by iron, the electromagnet brakes the sliding wheel to control the speed of the gear rotation-achieving the same purpose as a traditional escapement-not a standard mechanical watch, nor a standard quartz watch-the most obvious difference is that the second hand does not tick, and It slides smoothly and completely silently around the dial.)

The first question is whether this function can be used like most people: daily sports watches can be worn anywhere, occasionally in the ocean, swimming pool or shower without fuss? Our answer to this is that it does indeed-the quality of the case, dial and hands, and the high finish on the bracelet make it a very reassuring watch. The longer you wear it, the more you like it. This Not always correct. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the most satisfying timing bezels you may encounter; it is as smooth as butter, and at the same time it feels extremely precise. The pusher feel of the top chronograph is similar to that of most others. The bezel of the diving watch is the same, and its technique is better than more entry-level products.

SK007 certainly has a clear pedigree, but it is as streamlined and purposeful as GI’s grease gun, while the 200m of Grand Seiko Spring Drive is carefully crafted.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th Anniversary SBGC230 Replica Watch

The second question is, is this a practical dive best quality replica watch? I will do my best to answer this question, and of course, I am a non-diver: it is true for me. There is no indication here that if it is used for its intended purpose, it will disappoint in any way.

Everything you would expect – well-protected crown, excellent visibility, easy-to-operate wetsuit extension (for some reason, we actually have a wetsuit in the office, and one of them brought a dive Was taken to the team. Waist, twisted on the jacket, and then tried on the watch; the extension worked as expected).

But there is more to do here. If you think about it, Spring Drive may be the best in all aspects of diving watch technology. Its accuracy is an order of magnitude higher than that of a mechanical watch (many Spring Drive users anecdotally report better performance). Unlike a quartz watch, it has no built-in failure mode because there is no battery (this is usually discussed Ignored for spring drive). The power reserve indicator on the dial ensures that there is enough juice in the water tank and you won’t suddenly find an empty watch on your wrist.

Considering that in the era of electronic dive computers, the manufacture of dive watches has the nature of Quixotic, which is a bit lonely, but it is a glorious honor. It is not a bad thing for car owners to know whether you are wearing one of them. . , You will not only wear a truly sophisticated, sturdy but luxurious sports watch, but also a general diving watch that may be the most technologically advanced Barracuda.

Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph Limited Edition

The 55th anniversary does not seem to be as important as the 50th or 60th anniversary, but Seiko released a new watch this week-Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph, which challenges this preconception. Seiko is notorious for issuing overpriced or overpriced watches, and most consumers are familiar with more easily available products such as the Seiko 5 series. Seiko is usually not regarded as the purest embodiment of haute horology, and is not usually regarded as a “luxury.” Enter Seiko.

Since its inception in 1960, Grand Seiko has been making higher-level, more expensive, and more powerful efforts to prove that Seiko can compete with Swiss luxury brands-essentially proving that Japanese watches and Swiss watches are the same Quality. The standard for Grand Seiko mechanical watches is 3 seconds and 5 seconds per day. Seiko’s Spring Drive and its hybrid quartz mechanical adjustment system generally perform better; the Spring Drive Chronograph 9R86 is rated at +/- 1 second per day. The Seiko 55th Anniversary Seiko Spring Drive uses the 9R96 movement, which, according to Seiko, can keep time within +/- 0.5 seconds per day.

Calibre 9R96 is not the only noteworthy feature – the Grand Seiko Anniversary Spring Drive chronograph also has a ceramic bezel, which is an unusual feature (Seiko was previously used on the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT.) The dark black watch The circle and the dark bezel are combined with white and yellow accents on the blue dial and hands and markings. The result is a vivid, eye-catching color combination.

If the chronograph is not enough, there is also a Greenwich Mean Time hand, just in case you want to time your flight to the nearest half a second and hope to be home when you land. Spring Drive technology can achieve precise precision, and has the iconic smooth sliding second hand. Seiko also chose to use titanium to make watches, so it is both light and strong and highly resistant to corrosion-titanium is easily scratched, but Seiko uses a special titanium alloy (they are called “high-strength titanium”, which has a high Scratch resistance). .

The rotor of the new 9R96 movement is inlaid with the emblematic golden lion emblem of fake Grand Seiko, which seems appropriate-the message from Seiko and its 55th anniversary watch is clear: hear my roar.