Porsche 1919 Chronograph Flyback Watch Timed in Exquisite Style

Porsche Design 1919 DATETIMER 4046901418182 Replica Watch

Not long ago, when I was writing about toenails here, I dipped my toes into the famous Porsche design community. Well, they just released another model in the 1919 lineup, and I think I will attract people who think they are chronograph fans – Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer Flyback.

Not surprisingly, Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer Flyback definitely has the appearance before 1919 I wrote. This is achieved in the form of a watch case, which has the same “floating ear” appearance as the appearance, thereby visually isolating the watch case from the strap. Of course, inside the case, you will encounter something completely different. This chronograph is not a new product, but it can definitely bring new colors (I am a fan).

Of course, this is a dark, dark blue shadow (probably brighter under various lighting conditions). This makes the white of the index and the earpiece stand out. It also allows some things to happen, I prefer to use the chronograph-the sub-dial can sort the melt into the background, making it look like, well, one hour. Of course, the faders that protrude from the titanium case will send things out, but you can also use them visually as protective crowns (considering the height of the crown, it looks like it can use them that way). fake watch

Like the Tutima I recently reviewed, this Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer Flyback has done a lot of work in many ways-lighter weight (due to titanium and strap, not bracelet), and the chronograph you own Sleeper version of the stopwatch. However, you know how much is hidden there (given the thickness is about 15 mm). Again, you need some space to accommodate all the projects involved in its internal movement.

In addition to the large design details, there are also smaller things to look at. For example, the date window-rotate to a position that does not cut into any other elements, and the colors match. Or the “run seconds” indication-on the right, it’s subtle, but enough to let you know that things are running. In short, there are a lot of things worth looking at, and now you have to consider at least two high-end titanium chronographs – of course, the Porsche 1919 chronograph flyback watch is your car inspiration – the strap is equipped Porsche leather.