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HYT 148-DG-22-GF-RU H1 Diamond dome chrysoberyl Replica watch

You are watching the world premiere of replica HYT. This is the fusion of H2 and H0. This is H20, which has the same caliber tool developed jointly with Audemars Papi Renaud et Papi. It actually has a jumping five-minute hand that can move instantaneously in a quantized burst within a five-minute period.

it has two fluid displays of immiscible liquids. You can see that they are actually driven by two reservoirs in the center, opening like Ducati or Harley-Davidson V twins. When fluid flows across the dial, the reservoir will expand and contract. You can see that it has a complete balance bridge. Because of the heritage of Renaud et Papi, it is done by hand like every component of the watch. You will also notice that the hours of the day spread out radially, and the watch has the same 3D domed sapphire as H0. Now, the retail price of the watch is 95,000 Swiss francs. Not currently available, but will be available soon. You can wear this 51mm earwax-free on your wrist by visiting HYT on the Web.

This is a new feature in 2018. It is a combination of last year’s H0 48mm earless case and new materials. This is the first time you have seen gold on HYT. Now, the dial is champagne color, exquisite texture, this is the theme of the watch fake. Elegant and beautiful. They like to call it the junction of art and science. Someone suggested placing the large 3D composite curved sapphire in a pocket watch between the museum glass cabinet and the laboratory test tube.

Aesthetically technical content is high, but easy to read. It is actually a regulator dial, with the functions of seconds, minutes, and hours through the fluid track, and has a power reserve at about 3:00 on the dial. On the back you can see the double bellows or the actual fluid reservoir of immiscible, transparent and blue. This is the original 101 calibre, manual winding, four Hz, and a 65-hour power reserve. As you can see, the high-tech aesthetic is actually traditional Swiss watchmaking. Finished by hand, with beveled edges, Côtes de Genève and polished screws.

You can also see that it has a modern, fully balanced bridge structure. It has no earwax, so it is easy to wear. Let us quickly return to the dial side. The iconic thing is the fluid drive, but this year, all of this has to do with gold on H0.

HYT 148-DL-21-GF-RU-WD H1 Diamond dome Replica watch

We are researching H4 with generator light emitting function. Yes, it has its own built-in generator. We will show you in a short time. As you can see, once completed, the system is self-powered.

HYT 2018, we are with HYT H1 Antoine Griezmann, named after the Madrid football player. For the people you return to the United States, this is European football. But this watch has extraordinary appeal, and its exquisite PVD blue titanium case is dyed black and black. It has the iconic fluid display function, that is, two containers are shaped like pistons at 6:00, driving two immiscible fluids around the dial in a regular manner, one of which is clear and the other is blue. The hour, center minute, 9:00 seconds in the fluid display. You will see a 65-hour autonomous power reserve at 3:00.

This watch has an impressive box-section sapphire, almost like old-fashioned diving box plexiglass. Sapphire is covered on an extremely complicated dial in the form of old-fashioned plexiglass, with multiple focal points, planes, materials, textures and colors. 25 pieces are issued, priced at CHF 65,000.

In 2018, this is one of HYT’s novel works last year, but it is still fascinating and handsome. Swiss sailing suit HYT H1 Alinghi is the brand’s partner. You can see the elements of the yacht on the dial, which is summarized in the form of power reserve with the Alinghi logo and the entire Alinghi color. You can also see images of nautical rigging or winch devices on the dial of the base. Now, as before, of course immiscible liquids. Black and clear, the black ring will actually move around the dial over time. When it reaches the end, I will demonstrate how it advances, but when it reaches the end on the other side, the material will actually retrograde back to its original point.

This watch uses HYT’s original H101 movement. In fact, its structure is similar to a traditional mechanical watch, although the two bellows you see at 6:00 actually move both liquids across the dial. The conventional Swiss lever escapement actually regulates the movement of the liquid with a beat rate of 4 Hz and a free-hanging balance wheel. This watch has only 20 pieces, so it is almost invisible. And that company’s annual turnover is only a little over 200.

Now, you are about to see the retreat of the fluid display, so it is worth a pause, because it is one of the great tricks on high-end watches (watch 8:59). Now you can see fluid draw back around the dial almost as quickly as a mechanical mechanism. Every 12 hours, you will get this fallback effect. Now, back to the case, you can see exactly what I am discussing. You can see that there is indeed an Alinghi brand stand on the back. Otherwise, manually wind the full balance wheel and 35 jewels. Likewise, a power reserve of 60 to 65 hours. Frankly speaking, this is a contemporary and hand-finished Swiss movement, unlike other luxury watches, unless we are going to talk about another HYT.