Patek Philippe Ref. 5146 Calendar

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When we shifted the calendar from winter to spring, we redisplayed the comments on the famous calendar watch. Reference at Patek Philippe. 5146 is an annual calendar watch with moon phase display. The original photo was provided by NikSchölzel of WatchTime.

In 1996, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) became the first to launch the annual calendar watch Ref. Watch manufacturer. 5035. Reference The 5146 calendar was launched in 2005 and has a classic feel, with its moon phase and day and month sub-dials. It also provides the convenience of easy-to-read window date display. The secondary displays (month and day) are not easy to recognize. There is also a backup power display at 12 o’clock. The silver hour and minute hands have little contrast with the gray dial, but fortunately, they are coated with luminescent material.

The calendar display is set using the four buttons on the side of the case. The date is about an hour and a half ahead.

The multi-layer bezel makes the watch appear smaller, and actually has a diameter of 39 mm. The perfectly executed finish attracts eyeballs: even in inaccessible places, the marks should be polished as carefully as the situation. The surface finish of the movement is also impeccable: bevels and polished edges, Geneva ripples, golden rotors and perfectly polished screws.

Key points in Patek Philippe history

I would like to say that the important first step in Patek Philippe’s historical chart was when Adrien Phillippe created the so-called “keyless winding mechanism”. Basically, this is the original version of your watch, which can be wound by the crown only. Before that, people must have one thing… you have a pocket watch, in fact, you have a small key to hang on the pocket watch, so you must carry it with you, this is actually your winding method and your mechanism is outside .

Mr. Philip, seeing this as superfluous; really affected the watchmaking industry and wanted to change the way we do things and make it more convenient, so he actually made the system. At the beginning, it did not attract many people. Like everything, change is never an easy thing, especially when it is a major change, right? After he and Mr. Antoine Patek got together, they really flourished and made some truly unique watches, especially using this keyless system. Undoubtedly, this is one of the key moments in the history of Patek Philippe copy and Philip.

Another thing happened. I think it was at the 1851 World Exposition. It was here that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased several works from Patek Philippe. Those who are highly respected, as well as those in the royal family and social circles, have spent money to buy this watch, because even at that time, the craft is still excellent, and this is something unique and unique that you have never seen before. .

Another very cool thing that happened was around 1935. Henri Stern (Henri Stern) watch agents actually started to import watches from Patek Phillippe from Switzerland to the United States. There are two very important things here. One: The United States, or North America, is one of the brand’s most powerful collection ships or purchase bases, and it is also the Henri Stern luxury swiss watches Agency; this relationship will actually be more than the normal distribution relationship. Big. Decades later, the family of Henri Stern actually continued to acquire Patek Phillippe.

Today, the operator of the brand is a member of the Stern family. Therefore, Thierry Stern is the current president of Patek Phillippe, a gentleman. . . You know, from the toddler, I have been working around Patek Phillippe watches, starting from the mail room to handle all the work inside the Patek Phillippe factory. What you bring is a man at the helm who knows how each nail is nailed; how every plank there is, how every step of the sail works. Therefore, when the storm comes, you will have someone who really wants to guide the entire ship through.

Another important moment in Patek Philippe’s history must have been the launch of Nautilus in 1976. Clean and elegant steel watch on stainless steel bracelet. Indeed, its era is very different from the present. This is indeed a polarized matter, and not many people like it. In fact, many people hate it, but this again shows that Patek Philippe is not afraid of change. Although they are addicted to tradition and craftsmanship, they are still willing to do the opposite, and what you get is a sports watch hand-made by the masters.

The key range I want to talk about is from 2013 to the present. At this time, we saw that the brand did a lot of interesting things in terms of men watches cheap pricing. In 2013, depending on your position in the global brand valuation, the decline ranged from 5% to 10%. At that time, the currency was a bit crazy. To be honest, some things are too valuable. This shows that Patek Philippe is not a brand that has been steadily increasing the price of products, but they understand the value of the product and the fair value of the product.