Any best replica watches uk brand that is aimed at the male population and deserves the attention of watches and clocks, its product portfolio includes diving watches. Despite the fact that very few of us are social or commercial divers. When you think that modern diving watches are actually superfluous for real divers, this is a more strange situation, because the advent of a wrist computer can safely calculate the dive time, and more importantly, can determine the rise and fall. speed.

So why are we so fascinated by divers’ watches? I think this is related to the practicality and aesthetics of the real world. For the former, we can still see useful readability whether day or night. Coupled with a high (low) depth grade diver’s case, it is durable and sealed. The latter is always subjective, but some of the most enduring classics in watchmaking history are diving watches.

In this summary, U-Boat cheap is no exception. However, to stand out in this overcrowded market, they knew they had to produce something different, but they had to create designs that incorporated their own unique aesthetics. There is no doubt that they succeeded when they released U-1001. It is so called because it has a water resistance of 1001 feet, and each of the five options is limited to 1001. The five options include two stainless steel models, orange (highlighted in this review) and blue trim, and three titanium alloy models with yellow, blue or orange trim, respectively.

The rotating bezel is considered to be one of the necessities for divers’ watches. But, as mentioned above, do we really buy these watches to dive? The daily safety and daily readability of the sturdy sealed enclosure are more useful. U-Boat U1001 has both.

U-Boat is different. In addition to its love for large cases, one of the most eye-catching features is the incredible level of detail for the price. Allow me to show some wonderful details of this 47mm U-1001.

The dial is the first element that catches the eye. The raised U-1001 logo and the indented numbers can produce a smart 3D effect. The U-1001 logo is satin-finished, adding classic ingredients that are much needed.

The dial’s other two definition aspects are the hands and the date hole. The pointer is consistent with the rest of the design. The black armature drops into the black dial, leaving the illusion of floating orange or blue superluminova material. The date window is universal, but how to use the date window? It is best to make it simple and easy to read.

The second element is the signature feature of each U-Boat timepiece: a unique protective cover for the left crown. The crown protector itself is easy to use, but due to the insufficient size of the actual crown, it is difficult to grasp and use.

The oversized size of U-1001 is not expensive. In fact, partly due to the soft rubber strap, this large watch is very comfortable. U-1001 is mainly a utility watch, so it looks much better when combined with casual wear. Even so, the simple layout of the dial and engine turn bezel means that this watch does not look ridiculous at the end of the formal shirt, which is usually the case.

U-BOAT CHIMERA 46 SS SKELETON 8028 Replica Watch

New Lady’s U Boat

In addition to the above models, U-Boat also released some stunning Lady models. Please note that these models do not have a fuel cartridge. Instead, they are provided with a mother-of-pearl dial and an Arabic numeral index set with bright crystals. The same elegant case design and domed mineral glass exist.

Rainbow, model 8472, 38 mm stainless steel case with pink mother-of-pearl dial and pink alligator strap.

The new lineup will also include:

Rainbow, reference number 8473, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38mm bronze IPB case, mesh bracelet.

Rainbow, model 8474, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet.

Rainbow, model 8475, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case, with blue alligator leather strap.

Last added is a new Lady’s Classico, which is now available for purchase. This stylized ladies watch takes full advantage of the strong aesthetics of the Classico family, with an extraordinary dial and sapphire paint.

Classico, model 8481, with turquoise mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm stainless steel case, with crocodile leather strap.

This series also offers the following products:
Classico, number 8480, with pink mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm stainless steel case, with pink alligator leather strap.

Classico, number 8482, black mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm stainless steel case, with white alligator leather strap.