Ulysse Nardin Freak X: Action innovation

Freak X is an inevitable result of research and material development in the past two decades. When we look back at the original 2001 Freak, it ’s like the earth is breaking, and when we compare it with the last few examples, it ’s almost like a poor man ’s interpretation of the freak West Nadine ’s Freak Vision: A Promise to Realize). .

So far, the technology has evolved so that the simple Freak X looks more advanced than the previous couple of Freak models. This is largely related to the clean and simple structure of the carrot and balance components.

The balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel, and escape lever are all made of silicon, and the level of manufacturing of this silicon did not appear on Freak until the 2007 InnoVision and later models.

The balance is very complex, with a balanced and fixed nickel flying hammer, and integrated stable micro blades between the spokes. The entire mechanism is non-magnetic, temperature-resistant, dimensionally stable and non-lubricating, which has not yet appeared for early Freak models.

Caroussel’s sophistication is that, over the years, Ulysse Nardin’s various innovations have been combined into a cohesive but technologically advanced design. It may not reach the level of InnoVision 2 or the latest Freak NeXt, but it definitely exceeds the origin of Freak and is very suitable for this rank.

Movement UN-230 movement combines UN-118 movement and Freak Vision’s UN-250 movement. The front is “party” and the back is all business.

And don’t think this Popular replica watches is an old trick for new clothes for now: one of the Freak X versions also uses new case materials, which proves that the Freak model will still be part of the brand’s technical development. The new material called Carbonium is a forged carbon composite material that utilizes recyclable scraps of carbon fiber materials recovered from the aviation manufacturing process.

The brand claims that the process has reduced its carbon footprint by 40% compared to other carbon products because it uses materials that have already been produced, thereby reducing the production of raw materials. Here, it is very meaningful to use the remaining chips, because the forged carbon does not need the original braided board, but needs loose chopped fibers, which can improve the efficiency while forming a strong material. It definitely shows that R & D is not reserved for top products.

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Why Ulysse Nardin’s Freak X makes sense
The Freak series has been the leading R & D department of Ulysse Nardin for 20 years, and the results of the UN-230 movement are very clear: compared to what many people think, you can get some pretty excellent mechanical devices through more consumer-friendly packaging. This is the focus of research and development.

According to my latest statistics, at least seven of the ten innovations of the first InnoVision watch have been found in production parts. This means that the research laboratory will not only conduct research for fun, but also actively improve the entire brand. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the end we will see Freak spread these concepts in Freak ’s best-selling products and use the brand ’s expertise to combine them into a new product to make it new and affordable. .

If anything, the reality of Freak X is that it is gentle compared to contemporary brothers and can almost be accepted as an avant-garde timepiece. In today’s era, its design is still in a relatively middle position in terms of ultimate mechanics and design. For this, we would like to thank the development of the past two decades.

Freak X is an acceptable freak, this kind of freak shines and makes it appear no scenes throughout the wedding process. Of course, it will be cut off on the dance floor because it will still go crazy, but Freak X will not shock and relax people.

I think that’s why people feel mixed with real entry-level Freak, and feel the lack of some iconic Freak features.

In the past two decades, Freak series of works have continuously broken through the boundaries and produced scenes. Every new freak will do something unexpected or challenging, so it takes some sacrifice to tame it. However, if a brand has to invest a lot of money and energy to create such amazing things, then (when they are perfect) it is meaningful to provide it to a wider audience.

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The same thing happened when Frédérique Constant produced a perpetual calendar for less than $ 9,000, and when TAG Heuer issued a tourbillon chronograph worth $ 16,000. Collectors are worried that this will destroy the reputation of the mechanism and arouse people’s interest.

However, affordability or accessibility does not stop true passion; people are just happy that they have the opportunity to join the club.

I did n’t imagine that the price of $ 21,000 would make this wholesale watches replica truly “affordable,” but if things went well, it could indeed be bought. A determined ordinary collector will certainly seek to obtain Freak X one day, he or she may cherish the opportunity to own Freak’s little brother.

This opportunity did not reduce the extreme nature of the top Freak model, nor did it make those who bought the original work feel wasted. At least it shouldn’t.

Freak X is completely different and certainly lacks some of the reasons that make Freak really stand out. However, thanks to investment in manufacturing and technology development, Freak X can do what most brands can’t do: provide first-class top-model faxes at a reasonable price, which can be used as an independent product first-class watch.

In my opinion, Freak X is not only overdue, but also extremely destructive. Ulysse Nardin swiss showed that the coolest thing for super rich ho is not necessarily the modus operandi. The aim of all research and development should be to improve at all levels of the products you sell.

Many of the technologies in the Freak series, especially those with silicon hairsprings and escape wheels, have penetrated into ordinary everyday watches and made the entire brand better.

For the collector community, Freak X is a bit like “Thank you, this is a bit of a snack.” This is a return to all the enthusiasm and love that people have for Freak over the years. Now, the brand is doing its part to return some love.