Jacob & Co. Astronomical Flawless Imperial Dragon

The ability to combine high-end watchmaking with inlaying, engraving, hand-painting, music box making, or enamel art and other types of craftsmanship is a feature of the famous American brand Jacob & Co. Following this tradition, the company has added an incredible novelty to its watch collection-the astronomically flawless Imperial Dragon model.

In this high-end watch, the unusual astronomical mechanism is entangled with a flexible dragon statue made of 18 carat rose gold, hand-painted and hand-carved. The miniature sculpture of the dragon consists of four parts (head, body, tail, and water surrounding the dragon), which must be connected in an invisible seam. Given that the statue of a mythical figure is made of gold, it is very heavy, and the screws connecting all parts of the dragon are very thin, which is indeed daunting. Not to mention that watchmakers must take extra care to avoid damage to the graphics during the assembly process and safely bring it to the final stage, where the designer manually perfected the smallest details: scales, teeth, tongue and eyes.

Since the launch of the Astronomy series in 2014, the mandatory attribute of this product series model is the large size sapphire glass case. Due to the transparency of the case, all the glory of the dual-axis tourbillon mechanism can be seen, that is, from different sides. The complex concept of the integral case design gives the illusion that the complex phenomenon under the sapphire dome floats in the air.

Sapphire glass elements replace the single metal parts used in previous models of the series, helping to achieve this effect. In particular, we are talking about the case ring and lugs. In total, the production of the “Myth” case (50 x 25.45 mm) took more than 1,000 hours!

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This top-of-the-line timepiece Jacob & Co.’s proud timepiece has a self-winding movement and a mechanical device with a 60-hour power reserve. In addition to displaying hours and minutes, it also supports a dual-axis rotor The operation of the flywheel. The rotation speed of the latter is 60 seconds on one axis and 2.5 minutes on the second axis. In this model, the well-known manufacturer retains the concept of a four-axis carousel module, with all functional elements and purely decorative elements fixed at its ends. In addition to the small dial and tourbillon bracket, a JacobCut® diamond weighing 1 carat and a painted magnesium alloy ball can be seen under the dragon’s body, symbolizing the earth. Both elements rotate about their axis at two rotations per minute.

The unique timing device Astronomia issued a copy, which is a perfect embodiment of the Jacob & Co. motto-“inspired by the impossible”.

Jacob & Co. is one of the few brands that regularly impresses its reliable reviews aaa quality watches with an incredibly beautiful appearance.

Jacob Co., Ltd.

Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co., subtly blends the complex world of fine jewelry and fine watches, introducing the latest elements to the brand’s iconic astronomy series Astronomia Flawless. This timepiece displays a flawless aesthetic effect, and the name behind the new astronomy has multiple meanings. “Flawless” not only refers to the impeccable appearance of the watch, but according to the diamond grading standards of the American Gemological Institute, it is also the term for the highest grade diamond clarity.

For diamonds to be declared flawless, there should be no inclusions or defects at 10x magnification.

Therefore, flawlessness is a suitable benchmark for the evolutionary interpretation of the iconic sapphire case of the Astronomy series by Jacob & Co.

Since the advent of the first astronomical tourbillon CHEAP SWISS AAA replica in 2014, large sapphire crystals have been a consistent design element of the Jacob & Co. Astronomy series.

The transparency of the case makes the movement of the gravity three-axis tourbillon clearly visible from multiple angles.

Last year, Jacob & Co. improved the transparency of the case and the visibility of astronomical complications through the 2016 Baseworld novelty “Astronomical Clarity”.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of continuous improvement, the Astronomical Flawless Class has once again improved the transparency provided by the astronomical clarity by introducing an astronomical flawless integrated sapphire crystal case.

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The exquisite craftsmanship of monolithic sapphire crystal gives an illusion that the complex structure inside the case floats effortlessly in the air. To achieve this look, many components of the series that were previously made of precious metals are made of sapphire crystal: one-piece case and lugs, dial (blue sapphire), and even a buckle.

These changes add considerable complexity to the new watch, because only 15 separate steps are required for the production of the middle of the case, which requires about 326 hours of working time, the bottom cover requires 297 hours of working time, and the dial requires 280 hours. Working hours, deduct 295 hours.

If you add the 288 hours required to produce dome-shaped crystals in all astronomical models, there will be a total of 37 weeks of production time for sapphire parts alone-excluding carving!

About Jacob & Co. (Jacob & Co.) is led by the visionary Jacob Arabo that embodies the American dream and continues to revolutionize the world of jewelry and fine watches through innovation and spectacular creation. Jacob & Co. continues to extend the limitations of quality watches sale to the design of high-end timepieces. The brand’s attention to detail in every chronograph tool ranges from the heartbeat of each watch to the magnificent gemstone that decorates each piece. Jacob & Co.’s jewelry expertise is fully demonstrated through the selection of excellent diamonds and gemstones-strictly committed to the integrity of the supply. Jacobs uses superb technology and fine craftsmanship to maximize the beauty of each piece of jewelry, and to bring them to life through attractive designs.