Review-TAG Heuer CARRERA Movement 1969

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Just a few days after showing you the first photo of the new TAG Heuer Carrera movement in 1969, we can now provide you with a more detailed review of the watch.Normally, we first saw the official photos and when the watch arrived at the store, but in this case, the news photo before the long delay between the arrival time of the fashion store has been released. Yes, it is available now.

Titanium Carrera 1969 is the flagship product of the Carrera mainstream series in 2014 (excluding high-end watch parts). Its dual mission is not only to show the new internal movement of TAG Heuer (it is also the first ever 100% designed production movement ), Including help to further reposition TAG Heuer to a higher price range.

This first Carrera 1969 is limited to 500 pieces. It is expected to release other 1969 movement power replica watches later in 2014, although you will soon read that these movements will use movement CH80 movement.

Let’s start with a two-part dial: most of the surface of the dial has a lovely Geneva ripple, which falls on the left side of the dial, revealing a semi-circular disc protruding from the date window.

The handling of the date window is very unusual, it is located below the ring of the 9 o’clock dial. Three dates were disclosed. The current date is not only in the center, but also has a golden background. At first, I doubted the design, but it worked well. Once you know what you are looking for, you wo n’t be confused by the current date (shown as number 17 below), and that location frees up space on the dial.

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However, once the time exceeds the 6-hour mark, how readable is the hour counter? Assuming that the pointer protrudes from the mark on the sub-dial ring, it has almost no effect on the difficulty of register reading. The dial is finished with rose gold highlights: eight hour mark, hands and TAG Heuer logo.

The sub-dial has two different designs. The registers at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock have an angled outer ring and Azurage finish, while the register at 9 o’clock has the same background as the dial and the dial is flatter. ring.

As we mentioned when we first saw the watch, perhaps the only detail that could not be felt was the text “Calibre 1969 Chronograph”. Deleting the dial will give the dial more space, but this is only a minor problem. Take a look at the photos below-this is a great dial, black and rose gold match well. You will not be confused by any other models in the Carrera 1969 series.

The main specification of the new case is that it is a 43mm titanium carbide case. Of course, the design of the case is based on the traditional Carrera design, but it has a “hollow” side. Each corner has rose gold bolts, but unlike some high-end perfect watch works, it may only be decorative. There is a beautiful rose gold bezel on the case, which looks very beautiful and not too thick.

Speaking of which, one of the very pleasant elements of the case is its thickness. TAG Heuer talked about the slim shape of the new movement. Although we do n’t have a case depth specification yet, it is definitely thinner than the Calibre 17 Carrera I am wearing. For me, the slim shape of the 1969 movement and the three-position layout are the main advantages of the new movement over the 1887 movement. Therefore, the new movement is not packaged in a deep case. Is very good.

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The crown and buttons are also made of rose gold, and the crown has been “overmolded” by rubber, which seems to be the current trend of TAG Heuer.

The “girder” appearance along the sides of the case gives Carrera 1969 a more contemporary look than other Carrera series (usually sturdy steel cases). When we see Steel Carrera 1969, it will be interesting to see the combination of polishing and brushed surface treatment.

So, the important part-how does it feel on your wrist? It definitely feels lighter than the Carrera steel I wore that day, which is not surprising considering its titanium alloy structure and thinner profile. It’s 43mm bigger than the clothes I usually wear, but I have to say it looks pretty good …

The material inside the strap is higher than the material normally offered by mainstream TAG Heuer … for example, more like the surface treatment of the Monaco V4 strap. I look forward to finding out the size and weight of the case, but for now, despite its generous 43mm case, it is still lighter than other Carreras watches.

During the review process, there is not much to say about sports-unless you benchmark the accuracy, all you can really comment is the surface-its look and feel.

The putter feels very smooth and much smoother than the Calibre 17 Carrera I am wearing. As expected by modern movements, the chronograph has a smooth reset.

TAG Heuer claims that the movement will operate within COSC specifications in 1969, even if the movement has not passed the chronograph certification process.

Although the movement 1969 looks good through the sapphire bottom cover, it would be great if TAG Heuer commended the movement 1969 for having its own rotor design instead of using the appearance of the 1887 movement.

Please note that in March 2014, TAG Heuer announced to change the name of Calibre 1969 to TAG Heuer Calibre CH80 …, making this Carrera even more special, as it will be the only TAG Heuer equipped with 1969 Calibre Model.

Advanced watch series. 2014 TAG Heuer Carrera movement 1969, began to bridge this gap, and achieved incredible-the new model has enough unique materials and surface treatment, clearly distinguishing it from other products of the Carrera series, and even caliber It is a 36 carrera movement.

Do n’t get me wrong: for any watch, this is still a big price, which makes Carrera 1969 a new market for TAG Heuer. Of course, some of these premiums are because this is the released version of the 1969 movement, so when other 1969 movements arrive, it will be interesting to see what the pricing strategy is.

Although it is great to see Carreras with an increase of 1969 caliber throughout the year, we ca n’t wait to see that Monaco ’s new caliber -1887 caliber has n’t made it beyond the scope of Carrera, but we hope that TAG Heuer will give priority to bringing the 1969 caliber Enter Monaco.