Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic

Corum Golden Bridge Miss Replica watch 113.101.55/0001 0000

Golden Bridge is one of Corum’s most famous models, and this year (2015) is its 35th anniversary. As early as 1980, it was the first in-line or French bar movement. This movement was developed by the young Napoli watchmaker Vincent Calabrese from 1975 to 1977. The design has registered it as Horlogerie Spatiale, but in the quartz crisis, he found it difficult to find a watch brand that could develop. René Bannwart and Corum gave him the opportunity, and since then, Golden Bridge has continued to produce.

The movement of the CO113 movement consists of 140 components arranged in a rectangular shape, with a length of 33 mm, a width of 3 mm, and a thickness of less than 5 mm. The barrel provides a 40-hour power reserve. This year, the Golden Bridge replica is made of a black ceramic case with sapphire glass windows on the top and sides. It is available in both men’s and women’s styles, the latter being exceptionally elegant in a slender curved barrel box, perfectly integrated with the crocodile leather bracelet. The innovative technology of the men’s watch was launched in 2013. The sapphire back cover is metalized and decorated with a series of fine vertical rhodium lines. These reduce the image transmission capability of the back cover, so when you put it on your wrist, your hair, freckles, and any other operations on your wrist will not interfere with the beauty of the movement. at the same time,

The Golden Bridge Ceramic (official name Corum Bridges Golden Bridge) for men is B113 / 02213 – 113.261.15 / 0001 0000R.

Ms. Jinqiao Ceramics (formally Miss Corum Bridges) reference number B113 / 02624 – 113.110.15 / 0001 0000J.

There is a clock movement that may be considered to be an intuitive inspiration for Vincent Calabrese. In 1929, Jaeger-LeCoultre created the 101 movement, which was particularly suitable for small jewelry replica watches that were all the rage at the time. This tiny rectangular movement has 98 parts and measures 14 x 4.8 x 3.4 mm and weighs in grams. It is still the smallest mechanical movement ever. It has the same rectangular format as Golden Bridge, but the gears are not on the same vertical axis.