New Breitling works in 2020

Breitling replica Full Spectrum Breitling’s novel works in 2020 provide something for everyone.

The spring of 2020 is a difficult time for many people, dreaming of enjoying the good time outdoors like in previous years. Breitling released their 2020 novelty at the right time, providing us with the fresh air, crystal clear water and blue sky we desperately desire in the form of clocks and watches.

Breitling’s Superocean Heritage ’57 Capsule Collection exudes nostalgia, and its four timepieces directly draw on the laid-back mid-century coastal style. Superocean was launched in 1957, so it became the name of the capsule series. The concept of the Breitling Capsule series is Breitling ’s strategy for exploring micro-narratives inspired by culture and heritage. They will only be produced in a short time, so although there is no fixed final quantity, they will become limited editions.

The new Superocean timepiece refers to the earliest Superocean model, with a recessed bezel and phi hour mark on one quarter of each dial. The steel dial has black and blue dial options, while the two-tone dial features a pure vintage atmosphere and bronze brown dial decoration. A particularly pleasing model is limited to 250 pieces, with rainbow-colored time scales. You can almost smell the sea breeze, with a little free-spread broad patch fragrance.

Navitimer continues to conquer women’s wrists with the new self-winding Breitling Cal-style 35mm copy watch. 17. Sports fashion has never been better. The beaded bezel of the new model converts the classic Navitimer’s scalloped silhouette into a more polished design.

Navitimer Automatic 35 meets the needs of women in terms of versatility. The dial options are blue, opaque silver, salmon and white mother-of-pearl. The models with mother-of-pearl dials feature diamond-set hour markers and multiple chain bracelets, which bring greater elegance. These are available in steel, steel and gold as well as all-gold versions. Each of the new Navitimer Automatic 35 timepieces comes with the iconic Navitimer slide rule-beautiful and dynamic, all in one package.

Breitling Chronomat is perhaps the most famous modern Breitling watch, it was launched during the vigorous dress-up period of the 1980s. The obvious curve of the original 1984 Chronomat and the striking bezel “tab” have been streamlined to suit the tastes of the 21st century, but retain the momentum of the early Chronomat.

Breitling’s technical reputation stems from its internal chronograph. B01 established them as fully integrated manufacturers and marked a watershed in Breitling’s history. They are one of the industry’s top manufacturers of astronomical clock-certified timepieces, and the new Chronomat model represents the brand’s logo and carries the essence of Hyundai Breitling, the most important movement in its history.