Tudor launches new Black Bay model at Watches & Wonders

Next to it are two premium samples of Clair de Rose in three different sizes.

At Watches & Wonders 2024, Tudor showcases its masterful blend of heritage and innovation, launching a collection that pays homage to its rich heritage while incorporating a contemporary aesthetic – starting with the bold statement of the Black Bay 58 in 18-karat gold , injecting a luxurious atmosphere into the watch. A beloved classic, the feminine Clair de Rose collection introduces a “Tudor Blue” dial. The monochromatic evolution of Black Bay and the exquisite craftsmanship of the Master Chronometer-certified Black Bay 58 GMT further embody the brand’s commitment to excellence, with each piece embodying Tudor’s dedication to quality, design and technical prowess.

Biwan 58 GMT
Tudor launches the Black Bay 58 GMT, a new addition to the renowned Black Bay collection that stands out with its Master Chronometer certification and embodies the golden age of air travel with its elegant design. Featuring a 39 mm diameter case, this new model recalls the spirit of the first Tudor diver’s watch from 1958, known for its water resistance and “big crown” logo. It is equipped with a new GMT in-house movement, with a blend of burgundy, black and gold-plated tones on the bi-directional bezel, ensuring a seamless experience across time zones and reminiscent of the glamorous jet age. Its aesthetics are further enhanced by “snowflake” hands with Grade A Swiss Super-LumiNova and a choice of stainless steel rivet bracelet or rubber strap, both equipped with a Tudor “T-fit” quick-adjust clasp.

In terms of technical strength, Black Bay 58 GMT is equipped with GMT’s self-made movement MT5450-U, which exceeds the strict METAS Master Chronometer certification standards. This certification proves the watch’s exceptional accuracy, resistance to magnetic fields and robustness. Designed with adaptability in mind, the movement features a silicon hairspring and a 65-hour power reserve for weekend use. The design of the watch pays homage to the brand’s heritage, with a matte black dial with gold-plated accents that pay homage to the brand’s historic dive watches and incorporates modern manufacturing techniques for enhanced durability and comfort.

In addition to the 58 GMT, Tudor has launched several other Black Bay watches, including a new monochromatic version that continues to evolve its design while maintaining the essence and technical excellence that the series is known for. Featuring a jet black dial and rhodium-plated hour markers and hands, this latest model offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that is completely different from its predecessors. Since its debut in 2012 and subsequent upgrade of its in-house movement in 2016, the Black Bay watch has continued to set benchmarks in the industry, and now it has received METAS Master Chronometer certification, which further enhances the watch’s performance.

At the heart of this new Black Bay watch is the MT5602-U movement, which offers unrivaled precision and anti-magnetic properties. The movement has a 70-hour power reserve, ensuring that the watch will still function well over the weekend, with no winding required from Friday evening to Monday morning. The watch’s design pays homage to Tudor’s historic dive watches, with a 41mm case, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and ergonomic improvements such as a redesigned crown to better integrate with the case. Bracelets are available in either satin-brushed stainless steel or polished brushed, each equipped with a Tudor “T-fit” clasp for quick length adjustment.

Biwan 58 18k
The Black Bay 58 18K breaks this, being crafted from 18-karat gold and featuring an open case back, a first for a Tudor dive watch. This premium version pays homage to the heritage of the original Black Bay 58, which dates back to 1958, when Tudor launched the first diver’s watch water-resistant to 200 meters, while marking a new pinnacle of luxury with its pure gold composition. The model comes with a matching satin-finished 18-karat gold bracelet, equipped with the same Tudor “T-fit” clasp as other Black Bay models.

The Black Bay 58 18K features a gold case with a matte finish and a unique “green-gold” hue on the dial and bezel, complemented by matte gold details, 18-karat gold “snowflake” hands and applied hour markers. The watch is equipped with Tudor’s own movement MT5400, which demonstrates Tudor’s commitment to accuracy and durability. The movement, visible through the novel open case back, offers a 70-hour power reserve to ensure the watch keeps running over the weekend.

Claire de Rose
Last but not least, Tudor updates its feminine Clair de Rose collection with the introduction of a stunning “Tudor Blue” dial, made entirely of stainless steel and powered by a mechanical movement. The collection is full of fresh colors and comes in three different sizes: 26, 30 and 34mm, in two different designs. The Clair de Rose watch embodies timeless elegance, drawing on the rich heritage of Tudor cheap watches, integrating the poetic connotation of moonlight with the brand’s historical symbol, the rose. The introduction of “Tudor Blue” dials adds a modern twist to the collection’s classic aesthetic, including opalescent and now blue dials with delicate relief decoration, available in Roman numerals or diamonds. Each watch features a striking winding crown set with a blue spinel cabochon that complements the collection’s refined, soft silhouette and is available exclusively in stainless steel.

The Clair de Rose collection is testament to Tudor’s long tradition of making women’s watches, a craft that has been perfected since the Art Deco period of the early 1930s. Rich in detail and elegant, this collection embodies the unique hallmarks of its lineage through elements such as the winding crown decorated with precious spinel cabochons. It is a modern tribute to Tudor’s long-standing savoir-faire in complex jewelry watchmaking. A distinctive feature of the Clair de Rose is its stainless steel 5-link bracelet, often referred to as the “rice bead” bracelet, renowned for its comfort and polished finish. The introduction of the “Tudor Blue” dial continues Tudor’s tradition of incorporating blue into its designs, a color that has been closely associated with the brand’s image since 1969, when the Tudor Submariner watch first featured a blue dial. best replica watches review