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Jacob & Co. has been deeply involved in philanthropy for more than fifteen years. The New York-born and New York-based brand has a history of donating complex, high-end timepieces to various charitable organizations around the world. This is the result of a New York mentality and a personal inclination of founder, president and artistic director Jacob Arabo, who considers giving back to the community a pillar of his personal ethics. This is one of the reasons why Jacob & Co. is once again a major player in Luisaviaroma’s annual event.

cult movie

There is a good reason why Jacobs Company chose a piece from The Godfather of Opera as their charity gala gift. This timepiece holds a special place in the brand’s collection. In 2019, Jacob & Co. struck a deal with Paramount Pictures, acquiring the rights to use and deploy The Godfather franchise in its own series. The first result of this unique and inspiring partnership is the Opera Godfather, a high-complication musical watch with a striking design. It plays the theme song from “The Godfather” on a music box integrated with a three-axis tourbillon rotating movement. Furthermore, the piece is intended to be a reference, tribute and memory capsule for the cult film, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. quality replica watch

Iconic watch
Elements of the film’s theatrical poster, sets, costumes, and overall narrative were incorporated into the play’s design, such as the roses Don Corleone carried to his daughter’s wedding, the puppeteer’s strings that depicted the film’s atmosphere of manipulation and betrayal, and a violin . , used as a crown. The ambition and scale of this collection is unique in a market flooded with universal design and vintage inspiration. This Godfather of the Opera 1/1 is housed in a rose gold case surrounded by clear sapphire crystal.

fire of action

Sir Simon de Pury, speaker, master of ceremonies, celebrity auctioneer and art collector, held the gavel at the auction. When he introduced this unique opera godfather, he placed it on the wrist of supermodel Sofia Riesing and activated its music box complication. He placed the microphone on the sapphire crystal and let the audience hear the theme song from The Godfather. best cheap watches