Three Reasons Why the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Construction Is One of the Best Watches in the World

Ok, here’s what you need to know about copy Greubel Forsey. In the field of ultra-high-end watchmaking, it is unrivaled for three main reasons. The first is technically speaking, these watches exhibit incredible horological authenticity. What does it mean? this is very simple. Everything that geniuses like Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey aspired to, from tilting escapements and balances, to rapidly spinning tourbillon cages and multi-axis tourbillons with tilting balances The flywheel cage, to the two inclined balances averaged by a differential, to the constant compulsion – all for a reason. That was to further the watch’s fundamental horological pursuit of accuracy. This was exactly the same goal of all the greatest watchmakers of the 18th century who specialized in horology, marine chronometers and pocket watches. But their ambition was the same; to make better watches. I love the fact that Greubel entered and won the last International Chronograph Competition back in 2019, just to prove that their watches are true timekeepers by design and intent. In a world filled with cool watches with rotating oscillators, a real focus on real watchmaking separates the men from the boys.

gorgeous chronometer
When it comes to the new Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture, while it is a stunning, cool, game-changing and sexy timepiece the world has never seen before, what you should know is that its fundamental The raison d’être is purely horological. Why tilt the balance wheel by 25 degrees? This is to minimize the number of times the oscillator finds itself in a purely vertical position – the worst position for the concentric breathing of the hairspring and the friction of the escapement. In contrast, with a traditional watch with a deployant clasp, laying it on its side basically puts the balance wheel in a vertical position, as long as you keep it there. Why does the tourbillon cage rotate once every 24 seconds? Well, the faster your cage spins, the more often errors from gravity are averaged out or compensated for. To me it’s perfectly fine if you’re buying this absolutely superb watch just for its design (we’ll get to that later) but I also want you to know that the asking price of the watch ultimately reflects the real Horological innovation, and of course, crazy levels of hand finish.

Which brings us to the second reason why Greubel Forsey is so good, which is to say that you won’t find the same level of hand-crafted finishing in all of watchmaking except Philippe Dufour. What’s unique about Greubel is that, unlike Dufour, they’re advancing a language of manual finishing. Look at the matte finish on handmade watches. There is only one woman in Switzerland (who happens to run the finishing shop at Glauber) capable of doing this. Gooper is also making progress with new types of finishes and challenging itself to get better in many ways. This is exactly the case with the new astonishing Tourbillon 24-second architecture.

This was perfectly expressed by my friend Ong Ban, CEO of Sincere Watch Limited and Greubel Forsey’s exclusive partner in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, “When you spend Greubel Forsey’s asking price, it’s because of you The price paid reflects incredible technical innovation combined with the highest level of hand-finishing in the Swiss watch industry. The new tourbillon 24 seconds construction is just that. If you look at the way the bridges bend, you can see that Greubel Forsey had to develop A new technology that applies a mirror finish to the bridges in grade 5 titanium. This has never been done before. A fully three-dimensional titanium movement with this finish is unheard of. Polishing grade 5 titanium on the flats alone is already is something that 99% of brands won’t even try because it’s too hard. Now, know that Greubel intentionally set himself one of the biggest challenges in hand finishing: mirror polishing titanium on curves, which means It is absolutely insane. Only Greubel Forsey can achieve this because it has the largest team of hand-finishing artisans in independent watchmaking and the most experience in the field. “

radical dimension
What exactly is the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture? Well, it’s pretty much the most beautiful tourbillon I’ve seen this year. The watch takes its name from the fact that the entirely grade 5 titanium movement is an architectural revelation. It essentially brings the concept of skeletonization into three dimensions. Of course, what you see on the watch is the famous Greubel Forsey 25-degree inclined 24-second tourbillon, and the equally iconic barrel that houses the watch’s mainspring. Both are suspended on the three-dimensional arc-shaped bridge, as if appearing out of thin air, passing through space, and appearing in front of our eyes. Antonio Calce, Greubel Forsey’s CEO, executive board member and shareholder, said, “This new movement embodies all the codes and hallmarks of Greubel Forsey, such as the exceptional quality and finish of each geometric component, And the 24-second tourbillon, one of the 7 fundamental inventions. This timepiece has great depth and volume, with a three-dimensional architectural movement, which demonstrates the true excellence of Greubel Forsey! The 24-second tourbillon is synonymous with true creativity. ” mens replica watch

Which brings me to the third reason why Greubel Forsey is poised to be the hottest brand in all of watchmaking: it has the best designs. Look at this watch, or the Double Balancier Convexe or the Balancier Convexe S2 that came out this year, and you’re looking at a watch with unparalleled visual richness. These watches will grab the attention of an entire room. When your eyes lock onto them, you’re drawn towards them like a tractor beam. When you hold them in your hand or wear them on your wrist, you lose yourself in their magnificent microscopic world.

It cannot be denied that, since taking the helm, Greubel Forsey CEO, executive board member and shareholder Antonio Calce has insisted on a high level of design sensibility, which has resulted in some of the sexiest watches ever created. Architecture’s shell is conical. The diameter of the bezel is 45.5 mm, and the bezel protrudes by 47 mm to perfectly accommodate the movement. By the way, the middle case is made of a solid sapphire crystal ring, which means you can see the movement of this incredible fake watches for sale from the front, back and sides. It also means that light can enter this masterpiece unimpeded, creating dazzling reflections on the highly polished curved grade 5 titanium bridges of the tourbillon, barrel and power reserve indicator,

technical specifications
Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Architecture
Movement: Greubel Forsey hand-wound; 90-hour power reserve
Functions: hours and minutes, small seconds and 24-second tourbillon
Case: 47mm (case diameter) and 45mm (bezel diameter); grade 5 titanium; water-resistant to 50 meters
Dial: Three-dimensional variable geometry hour ring; Super-LumiNova fluorescent filled hour markers
Strap: black rubber; titanium folding clasp