U-Boat Darkmoon

The U-Boat Italo Fontana Darkmoon Popular copy watch offers an exciting and truly distinctive timepiece with its deep, lustrous oil-filled dial, vibrant colors and capricious “love-hate” compensating bubbles.

Oil-filled dials display mesmerizingly rich color depth
Fashion-forward 44mm unisex case diameter
Easy-to-replace “dry” battery compartment

Playful bubbles and a deep, rich oiled dial make this watch instantly memorable and mesmerizing. We hope you enjoy the amazing on-wrist experience we present.

You may see references to “U-Boat Dark Moon Watch” or “U-Boat Dark Moon”; it’s easy to do. But, according to U-Boat, Darkmoon is a word. This is the U-Boat Italo Fontana Darkmoon, and once seen, it is unforgettable. Why a dark moon? Because, in the words of the manufacturer, this is “a collection straight from the dark side of the moon”.

With a collection of desirable handcrafted watches – proudly “Made in Tuscany” – Italo Fontana has established itself in the moon-related watchmaking industry. We think they are winners. The same goes for Paul Buchanan, whose encounter with an early Dark Moon led him to become the Italian watchmaker’s UK sales manager.

A stunning and fascinating dome of red glass
Paul tells the story: “Just two years ago, I met Richard, who was U-Boat’s distributor in the UK and Ireland. He knew I was disillusioned with the watch industry because time and time again the brand Copying each other. He also knew I was looking for an inspiring brand. After teasing and teasing me with U-Boat’s beautiful Chimera, he came up with this watch with a domed red glass that was astonishing in every way Amazing and fascinating. While Richard was talking, I was just sitting there with the watch on my wrist looking at it from every angle. I bought that watch, one of the original Darkmoons and then became the UK sales manager for the brand .Only needing two watches, the U-Boat Darkmoon Red 44mm IPB remains my go-to watch.

color depth
The rich color of this oily beauty is just one of the traits that captivated Paul and drew him to the brand. Once you look at these stunning watches, you’ll notice how Darkmoon’s eye-catching dials offer “eyes wide open”, engaging three-dimensional color depth and enhanced legibility. At first glance, they are clearly distinct from the information-intensive visual complexities of other U-Boat classics such as the U-Boat U-65 Skeleton Watch.

Since the first Darkmoon, the adoption of a sapphire crystal and improvements in dial color intensity for better readability have made the great product even more impressive. Then there’s the signature compensating bubbles that move around the dial in its bath of crystal-clear oil. It helps to magnify the view of the two hands – there is no seconds hand – and they seem to float freely above the dial.

Amazing magnified view of hand
Watch TikTok influencer Jack Biggs enthused about the features in our U-Boat Dark Moon unboxing video. “Another benefit of the oil bath is that it magnifies the field of view in the hand and compensates for temperatures between zero and 60 degrees,” he said. “I think it seems to make the Review copy watch look more three-dimensional and give it a deep feeling on the dial.” .

According to U-Boat itself, the oil injection “amazingly magnifies the field of view of the pointer and floats freely as if without the glass”. This is made possible by the proprietary oil bath technology of the Capsoil watch, which debuted on Instagram in November 2018.

Since then, U-Boat has clearly been hard at work on their second line of oil filled products. The result, Darkmoon, is now in its second iteration. Standing irresistibly alongside the original Capsoil chronograph, it dominates Watch Pilot’s U-Boat Italo Fontana product page, where you can browse and purchase the U-Boat watch of your choice.

Scope statement
At the time of writing, as Jack Biggs explains, the collection revolves around Black, Cardinal Red, Elegant Brown, Noble Green, and Regal Blue Dark Moon watches. Of course, they all feature the company’s signature left-handed “destro” screw-down winding crown. And 50 m (5 ATM) water resistance, enough for splashes, gentle swimming and cold showers.

Depending on the model, strap and bracelet options include stylish light mesh, laser-cut handcrafted, hand-brushed calfskin, and vulcanized rubber straps with deep embossed U-BOAT logos embossed on both sides.

Case Dimensions and Finishes
U-Boat’s watches are known for their staggering case diameters – no one will go unnoticed while wearing them! While smaller than watches like the 47mm U-47 Classico, the 50mm Flight Deck Pilot’s Watch or the enormous 55mm diameter U-1001, the latest Darkmoon’s 44mm case promises to be an eye-catcher on the wrist.

Such a unique dial design deserves a durable, visually contrasting case finish. Depending on the watch, expect AISI 316L stainless steel with or without IP bronze (eg 8467/B Mens Brown Dark Moon) or IP Black coating (eg 8464/MT Mens Black Dark Moon).

As expected, the U-Boat Italo Fontana fully demonstrates how the Dark Moon dial, hands and quartz movement are immersed in a special proprietary oil bath. More on that later. First, here’s a look at the movement that powers Darkmoon.

Ronda’s proven caliber 712.3
Visit the well-rated Caliber-corner website or the Ronda AG website and you’ll quickly discover that Darkmoon’s caliber 712.3 is the tried and tested Swiss-made workhorse of the Swiss watch movement industry.

Install the 712.3 in your U-Boat watch and you’re in good company. It’s a tried and tested 26mm diameter quartz movement from the brand that also powers watches from brands like TAG-Heuer, Raymond Weil and Yema. As the company explains, “Ronda produces mechanical and quartz watch movements with Swiss precision for many of the leading watch brands. Our products can be found in branded timepieces ranging from elegant and sporty timepieces to stylish fashion accessories Then to the luxury style.

change battery
Since the quartz revolution in watchmaking in the 70s, the accuracy and reliability of these movements has meant batteries are required. Shopping copy watch

At first glance, the Darkmoon’s dial and movement are soaked in oil, and changing the battery every few years seems tricky. Due to the oil bath, early versions of the U-Boat Capsoil – which sounds like a portmanteau from “encapsulation oil” – needed to be returned to a specialist factory in Italy for disposal when the battery died. This also applies to earlier versions of the U-Boat Darkmoon watch.

Later iterations of the Capsoil and the latest Darkmoon solve this problem by using a separate user-accessible battery compartment in the bottom cover. Stays oil-free with an innovative internal lock ring system, a welcome improvement over the first generation Darkmoon.

Clearly marked battery port
Look closely at the bottom cover of the Darkmoon in Joe’s video and you’ll see the clearly marked battery port with the battery identifier engraved on it – SR936SW. This and a different surface profile distinguish the battery port from the (upper) oil adjustment port. According to the manufacturer’s instruction manual, that one is “for U-BOAT professional technicians only”. If you decide to explore, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In his video, Jack raved about this important product improvement: “…the traditional U Boat Dark Moon watch used to have only one port. To change the battery, you actually had to send it back to Italy, which could be A huge inconvenience, as it takes about six to eight weeks to replace the battery, which is very annoying for those who have spent a lot of money on a watch that they won’t be able to wear for a while.

Youbo pays attention to details
Now, thankfully, the U-Boat’s batteries can be easily replaced with a dry cell port. In fact, it might be easier than removing the caseback and changing the battery on a traditional quartz watch. This is just another example of the U-Boat detail and continuous product improvement we’ve come to expect from Tuscany.

uber watch
You probably already know about the U-Boat Watch Italo Fontana and how the Italian watchmaker has evolved since 2000.

It was then that Italo Fontana discovered the details of the Regia Marina, an innovative watch for the Italian Navy designed by his grandfather Ilvo in 1942.

For whatever reason, the design never made it to production. Instead, it inspired the founder of U-Boat to create his watch brand decades later. Since then, Italo Fontana’s handcrafted luxury watches, with their large cases, distinctive left-hand crown, and signature vintage nautical—even “steampunk,” according to some commentators—design, have won loyal followers. wholesale watches fake

Design of U-Boat Darkmoon
Compared to many U-Boat designs, the Darkmoon can appear very restrained. Yet its striking sunburst — as U-Boat calls it — dial, under a charmingly curved domed sapphire crystal, is anything but understated.

Inspired by the dark side of the moon
Here’s what Rob Corder, editor of respected watch industry magazine WatchPro, wrote in September 2020:

“U-Boat added a sub-collection to the Capsoil family this year called Dark Moon [sic] – referring to the black of their dials like the dark side of the moon – and even gave them a terrifying variation, blood red And the black model. Mr. Fontana may be channeling his inner werewolf.

It’s interesting but not surprising that the crimson glow of that particular model’s enlarged dial evokes such a visceral response. The same was true when we presented the collection to Michael Langley, experienced visual designer, founder of Uchi Clothing and creator of the Uchi Horology watch art and clothing line:

visually striking
“When I see black on red like the U-Boat 8466/MT,” he says, “I’m impressed with the bold, bold design that’s as functional as it is eye-catching.” The liquid-filled domed crystal and Huge dial numbers add to the submarine vibe. If there was any item in the Darkmoon collection that had such a strong connection to the U-Boat’s traditional vintage nautical style, it would be this one.

For anyone trying to understand why certain watch designs work so well, industrial design guru Del Coates’ 2003 book Watches Tell More Than Time is a useful reference. Reading this book is a wise choice when planning to write an article about Darkmoon.

It’s reminiscent of the iconic Movado Museum watch
Gazing at the Darkmoon’s tour-compensating bubble is reminiscent of Movado’s 1947 museum watch by Nathan George Horwitt, featuring a circular “midday sun” motif at 12 o’clock. To quote Coates:

“[The museum watch] has earned its place, but aesthetically, with the pioneering innovations of countless faces…it has become one of the most memorable and imitated timepieces of all time”.

The U-Boat Darkmoon may not be the most sophisticated oil-filled watch ever made, nor is it the most expensive. But by incorporating this essential compensating bubble into such a visually deep and impressive “high value contrast” dial, it may position U-Boat as a design leader for others to try and copy.

However, current fashion-forward watch wearers often see larger men’s watches worn on female wrists. According to U-Boat’s UK importer, the Darkmoon’s 44mm case fits smaller than its size would suggest, absolutely wowing both men and women.

One of the best U-Boat ladies watches
Make no mistake; this is arguably one of the best U-Boat watches for women out there. After all, why reserve such a visually appealing horological object for boys, especially in a world where women are happy to fiddle with men’s Rolexes and other luxury timepieces?

Apparently, the same brand chemistry that made U-Boat popular with male stars like Sylvester Stallone and Nicolas Cage also worked with female stars like Israeli model Bar Rafaeli and actress Lindsay Lohan had a strong impact. And you?

to the dark side
This is the U-Boat Darkmoon. Do you love watches with strong vintage nautical stories, unmissable visual impact, and captivating oil-filled technology? If so, this piece, with its captivating design and engaging ‘Made in Tuscany’ story, might be for you.