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Re-examine what you think you know about Jacob & Co. A close look at the imagination, skill, craftsmanship and determination required to release such incredible quality fake watches time and time again

Jacob Arabo founded Jacob & CO in 1986. During these 35 years, he has built a name, a brand and a clear link between these and the concepts of ultra-high jewelery and innovative watchmaking. More often than not, innovative watchmaking meets extremely luxurious interpretations of jewelry.

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There is a common misconception about old Mr. Arabo. He may be called Jacob the Jeweler, but in reality, he has become Jacob the Watch Creator. The company he designed began as a jewelry specialist, specializing in high-level jewelry and extraordinary gemstones. However, he soon delved into watches. In the late ’00s, the brand shifted and focused more on timepieces, which are now a bigger part of its creative process than ever before, and bigger than anyone imagined. Quite a few of them are custom made.

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The history of Jacob & Co. over the past decade has left its mark on an uninterrupted stream of revolutionary complications. They have turned the company to watches as their primary expression. This in turn shows that, however jewelry-centric the brand is, its true mission is to create the extraordinary. Thanks in part to partnerships with world-renowned franchises like Bugatti, Warner Bros., and The Godfather, it’s allowed us to go places we’ve never seen before. These places are named Twin Turbo Fast & Furious. billionaire. godfather. outstanding. caviar. Epic X and Epic SF24. puzzle. Chiron. There is also a long string of Astronomia. Each of these collections represents a unique understanding of the watch in its own way. how it looks. what it can do. Most importantly, how it stands out from the crowd.

The latest Gotham City, Jean Bugatti or Epic X Tourbillon chronographs testify to Jacob & Co.’s versatility, dedication and drive.

tourbillon. Flying Tourbillon. Biaxial tourbillon. Three-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon spins on a merry-go-round. Double tourbillons, side by side or back to back. Three question form. Decimal minute repeater. Carillon. world timer. Chronograph. Automata with oil pumps, engine pistons, erotic scenes and musical action. There is a mesmerizing dynamic in the process of mastering and unleashing the complication, overlaid in an extensive and subtly executed array of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. However, high jewelry complications do not sum up the craftsmanship practiced at Jacob & Co. However, the truth is that they have relentlessly pushed the watchmaking industry forward, leaving their mark in a field that no one could have imagined, only 10 years ago. latest batman,

Jean Bugatti Tourbillon Chronograph Stunning and classic
Bugatti has a rich history and important traditions that shape racing and the manufacturing process. Jacob & Co. chose to delve into this aspect of the partnership. Enter the Jean Bugatti Tourbillon Chronograph. Jean Bugatti was the son and heir of Ettore Bugatti. As technician, driver, engineer and designer, he was behind automotive legends such as the 57SC Atalante. So the Jean Bugatti by Jacob & Co. is a classic watch. At least it looks like one, with a docile polished case, mushroom-shaped pushers, short lugs and a rather unusual round shape at Jacob & Co.

The dial looks like an Atalante’s dashboard. Its concentric hands feel like a rev counter. Its two sub counters act like oil and temperature gauges. In fact, they are two tourbillons framed by the EB logo. The middle pointer does not tell the time. Those are transferred to the outer edge of the dial. One for 5Hz chronograph seconds and one for tens of seconds. And they’re all retrograde. When a full minute has elapsed, they jump back, just like in a car shift, while the digital minute counter at 6 o’clock jumps forward. It is no exaggeration to say that by any standard there is no other watch quite like the Jean Bugatti.

Gotham City Dark Knight Chronograph
Jacob & Co.’s latest timepiece may be the result of a collaboration with a legendary pop icon, but this collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Comics is no ordinary creation. Even in an admittedly stellar lineup, this 45.5mm watch stands out. Gotham City was inspired by a character that means a lot to the Jacob & Co. firm and its many clients. His structure is a duality between the handsome, charismatic billionaire philanthropist and his rascal side, both approaching justice from different angles. Of the many Batman types created over 83 years, Jacob & Co. chose a darker version, as seen on the back of the watch. The latter was designed as an expansion of the Justice League member’s toolkit, a set of tools to make up for superpowers he didn’t really need. The 45.5mm case is crafted from invisible black titanium. The double triaxial tourbillon is fitted with a titanium cage shaped like his grappling hook. The lugs mimic the angular flak panels of his suit. The bat-shaped bridge on the motherboard looks like his bat shuriken. The crown is the Batmobile tire. Of course, the dial is the ubiquitous, world-famous symbol of justice that is handed out at night and nobody sees it coming and going.

300-mph Bugatti Chiron watches
The partnership between Jacob & Co. and Bugatti opened the door for a new type of watch. Bugatti Chiron is a partner timepiece. Its shell draws faithful inspiration from the design of the supercar of the same name: grille, windows, general body shape, exhaust pipes… Even its sporty shape resembles an engine. It featured a 30° tilted tourbillon at the front, twin turbochargers on the side for power storage, and an actual electric motor in the form of an automaton. This replica of the car’s W16 engine block is engraved in clear sapphire. And it’s fully functional, with 16 pistons moving up and down. The final feature that makes the series resemble a car is personalization. The high degree of exclusivity of the Chiron collection makes it the perfect tool to satisfy the bespoke wishes of a specific client class. Each timepiece can be customized according to the rider’s requirements, from color to material to gem setting. Some examples include a fully transparent sapphire case, while others feature as many as 435 baguette-cut stones. From white ceramic to the gold case set with baguette-cut rubies, the astonishing versatility of this model is a testament to Jacob & Co.’s appeal and ability to understand needs. best replica sites