Check out Astronomia Casino and see both Drake and Conor McGregor like it

Who says a luxury watch can’t be a little quirky? Definitely not Conor McGregor. The MMA superstar seems to be a big fan of his Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino watch, which is particularly unique with a tiny working roulette.

It seemed to get more attention because McGregor tagged fellow Astronomia Casino fellow Drake. The certified Lover Boy hitmaker purchased this timepiece in February 2020. Only 88 Astronomia Casinos were ever made, so Drake and McGregor are in a very unique club.

A fully functional roulette is just the beginning of this stunning design. Test your luck on green, red or black with numbers engraved on each stripe. When the watch holder pulls the gold trigger, a white ceramic ball spins and lands on a numeral.

A four-armed rose gold centerpiece and a biaxial tourbillon add to the beauty of this watch. One holds a globe and 288 faceted Jacob-cut diamonds at either end, while the other holds mechanical time displays that each revolve and rotate around the watches hot replica every 10 minutes. The design perfectly complements the movement, as the globe and diamonds rotate according to time.

The Astronomia Casino is a functional work of art housed in a closed case made of 18k gold and sapphire crystal. It’s not just the sophisticated design of a well-made watch, it’s a trip to Las Vegas on your wrist.

Fans of McGregor’s roulette videos have gone wild over this delightful rarity. Even Jacob & Co. CEO Ben Arabov commented on the post.

“We love Conor,” Araboff was quoted in the press release. “He is a true champion on and off the field and he really appreciates our nice watches shop. We are proud to have him as a friend.”