Jacob & Co. Launches Unique Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Sapphire Watch

Brand: Jacob & Co
Model: BU210.80.AE.UA.B
Movement: Manual Winding
Case material: Anti-Reflective Orange Sapphire Crystal and 18K Rose Gold
Case size: 55×44 mm
Glass: Sapphire
Bracelet: Rubber
Glass: Sapphire
Year: 2022

Jacob & Co. best just unveiled a new version of its outrageous Bugatti Chiron tourbillon watch, and it’s probably the most coveted yet. Released in 2020, the first Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon made headlines with its frantic movement that somehow integrates a miniature version of the W16 engine that powers the Bugatti Chiron supercar. The brand then launched the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Sapphire, which, you guessed it, had a sapphire crystal case. Not only that, it’s limited to seven pieces. Now, take a look at the new Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Blue Sapphire, which has a blue sapphire case and is even more unique because only one will be made.

Like earlier versions, the movement of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Blue Sapphire features a miniature version of the W16 engine found in the Chiron. This is activated by pushing the starter crown. Once it starts, the engine kicks in and you see the 16 pistons moving and the turbo spinning. See it in action below, as it’s stunning and mesmerizing. My only complaint is that there are only two turbos, which is inaccurate since the Chiron actually has four. Still, having a working microengine is no easy feat, so I’m willing to ignore this little oversight.

Of course, given the complexity of the movement, the case is also large. You are looking at 57.8mm x 44.4mm dimensions. It will easily dwarf many 44mm Royal Oak Offshores and 47mm Luminors and Radiomirs. The case is made entirely of sapphire crystal, which is amazing, because sapphire is so hard, the shaping process is quite arduous. According to the brand, it takes the artisans 120 hours to complete the case. Adding any kind of color also complicates the process because transparency needs to be maintained. Still, the end result is worth it, as it offers the lucky owner an unfettered view of the movement and micro-engine.

As with earlier versions of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, the time is read on a skeletonized subdial at 12 o’clock. It features blue and gold and sits below the tourbillon. The blue and gold treatment extends to the crown and pushers, made of sapphire crystal and 18k rose gold.

The internal movement is the JCAM37 movement. This is a hand-wound movement composed of 578 parts. It has two barrels and a 60-hour power reserve. The tourbillon makes one revolution per minute, with a beat rate of 3Hz. As you would expect from such a fine watch, the movement is assembled and decorated entirely by hand. Additionally, it’s mounted on four shock absorbers that are styled to look like the car’s suspension dampers. Doing so not only protects the movement from shocks, it also means it can float inside the case. Another nifty thing about this movement is that it has a power reserve display that looks like a fuel gauge.

There’s no denying that this is a visually exciting wholesale copy watch. And because it’s unique, it’s probably what Chiron owners want most. Chiron owners who wear it are likely to be the talk of the Chiron owners club. Not surprisingly, this is also the most expensive version of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.