Stronger than the Speedmaster Moon Landing Watch The first complication watch in history to fly into space!

There have been several brands of watches in the watch world that have been put into space, the most famous of which is Omega’s Speedmaster Moon Landing Watch, but whether it is Omega, Breitling, BULOVA, SEIKO or even G-SHOCK, etc., these copy watches have a The common feature is that they are usually sports watches, and they are often models with a chronograph function, because the chronograph function of the watch can sometimes come in handy if the electronic equipment fails in space.

In 2022, another brand’s watch will be worn to space for the first time, and it may be a bit unexpected, because it is the new Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon of the American independent watch brand JACOB & CO., in fact, this watch is The product of the cooperation between JACOB & CO., Bucherer and Sotheby‚Äôs is the only one in the world. At the same time, the watch also incorporates elements related to the three companies. The purpose of creation is of public welfare and charity significance.

The Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon is based on JACOB & CO.’s famous three-axis astronomical tourbillon, and is decorated with blue, the representative color of Bucherer, a Swiss high-end watch and jewelry dealer, and the watch will also be sold by Sotheby’s. Conduct auctions to raise money for charity.

Former fighter pilot and retired philanthropist Eytan Stibbe wears a three-axis tourbillon to the International Space Station in April 2022. Source: JACOB & CO.

The rarity of the watch and its high level of craftsmanship alone are enough to attract high bids from collectors, but this Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon not only looks so premium, it also proves to be a performance A proud high-complication watch. Because this watch traveled to the International Space Station with philanthropist Eytan Stibbe aboard SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon Endeavour” from April 8 to April 25, 2022, the capsule sold more than 28,000 The speed of km/h orbits the earth 273 times at an altitude of more than 400km from the surface, with a total range of more than 11 million kilometers and a total stay time of 17 days, 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon has a three-axis tourbillon device and incorporates Bucherer’s representative color (blue). The pattern on the back of the case interprets the flying dragon Endeavour capsule to send the first high-complexity timepiece in history to low earth orbit and docking with the International Space Station feat. Source: JACOB & CO.

Eytan Stibbe wore the Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon for more than two weeks in space, during which he even took a short video to see how the watch would behave in the weightless state of the space capsule. The result was that the watch floated lightly in space In the middle, it even rotates by itself, and the multi-axis tourbillon function of the watch is regarded as nothing. In the past, we would think that the structure of high-complication watches is relatively fragile, and I am afraid it is not suitable for being worn into space with extremely high G-forces and microgravity. As a result, Astronomia Bucherer BLUE Tourbillon tells us that its quality is much stronger than it looks. .

And it has been more than a month since the watch returned to Earth safely with Eytan Stibbe and the Dragon Endeavour. Next, the watch cheap will take a break and then open for bidding at the Sotheby’s auction on July 26, 2022. At that time, the price of this highly complex three-axis tourbillon, the first in history to fly into space, will be highly anticipated.