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Astronomia Solar Bitcoin

Clocks in the age of encryption

It’s the dawn of the Bitcoin era, and it’s an old watch. fake Jacob & Co. has released a new, ground-breaking, highly complicated timepiece. Housed in a 44mm black DLC titanium case, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is a symbolic and horological tribute to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Jacob & Co. has created a highly metaphorical watch by incorporating Bitcoin-related functions into its vertical and rotating manufacturing movements. By inserting Jacob-cut diamonds, Jacob-cut orange sapphires, and spinning globes, Jacob & Co. has added its own craftsmanship to pay homage to the success of those who have mastered Bitcoin. 25 of them will have access to multiple rounds of spinning blocks, which can be paid in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Jacob & Co. has drawn an exciting crowd eager to celebrate the dawn of the cryptocurrency era with a highly illustrative timepiece. The black DLC Titanium Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is interspersed with details and features directly related to the Bitcoin universe A Bitcoin currency emblem. Flying tourbillon. Yellow sapphire sun, diamond moon and golden earth. A tiny rocket ship reaches the moon. All of these symbols tell the story of the emergence of the first cryptocurrency, from abstraction to reality, from outliers to the backbone of the financial system.

Jacob & Co. is also taking the logical step of selling 25 pieces of this peerless watch for cryptocurrency. According to international regulations, Jacob & Co. is obliged to fix fixed prices in the local official currency. Regardless of where the final sale takes place, payment will be made in the buyer’s chosen cryptocurrency, bitcoin or altcoin at the prevailing exchange rate on the day of the transaction. Purchases will be processed by Bitpay, a leading payment processing platform that includes Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and stablecoins pegged to no less than $5. fake watches review

dark gloss
The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin’s 44mm wide case is made from DLC-treated titanium. Diamond Like Carbon allows carbon atoms to crystallize on the metal surface, embedding a layer of black, like pure coal, hard as diamond. Therefore, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is both dark and light, especially the Astronomia case has a wide lateral opening in the case strap, allowing a 360° view of the high-end complex movement developed and manufactured exclusively for Jacob Company

Astronomia Solar Bitcoin also has tall, full lugs. From the bezel to the case back, their drooping shape forms a vertical angle from which the black alligator strap hangs. This ensures a comfortable and snug fit on the wrist, an indispensable feature of any Jacob & Co. timepiece, especially the 44mm. From shape, color and structure, Astronomia Solar Bitcoin gives the impression of being lighter, heavier and more visually appealing than the numbers might suggest.

symbolic space
Astronomia Solar is a member of the Astronomia family, designed with versatility and adaptability in mind. It stands out with its crownless panoramic case and large domed sapphire crystal. It also has a full caseback, which is actually the main board of the movement. It includes two folding bows that serve as crowns.

Jacob & Co. created Astronomia Solar Bitcoin on a modified version of the Astronomia Solar movement. The base plate of the JCAM19 movement is decorated as an expression platform, realizing the symbolism of this piece. Shaped like a microchip, it’s surrounded by keywords that describe the crypto world: a “peer-to-peer” system governed by a “blockchain” of which “Bitcoin” is the founding and leading “decentralized digital currency.” The writings are made in the form of a frontal engraving on the frame around the movement and mounted on the beating ball. They rotate counterclockwise every 11 minutes.

vertical and rotated
The rest of the movement is built vertically on this base. It is made entirely of titanium with some steel elements. It takes the shape of a three-pronged carousel. It has a one-minute flying tourbillon on one arm, with a wide openworked black cage. The second holds the hour and minute dial. The third arm contains a rotating vertical Bitcoin symbol.

On top of the entire vertical structure is a spinning globe that rotates every 10 minutes on its massive central axis. Therefore, the flying tourbillon is actually a dual-axis tourbillon with a one-minute and ten-minute period. Additionally, the dial is mounted on a differential gear that counteracts the rotation of the movement, so it always reads vertically. In this case, it’s shaped like a fan, a nod to the fans found in Bitcoin mining farm servers.

stone and ether
On the Astronomia Solar movement, the functional claws are topped with three other claws for decoration. They gave the piece the necessary symbolic substance to make it a completely cryptocurrency-oriented piece. One is a sun made from 288 faceted, Jacob-cut orange sapphires. The other is a moon made from a 1 carat white diamond cut with the same technique.

Together they maintain a natural pedigree with the Astronomia Solar series, but also remind us that cryptocurrencies are not an otherworldly phenomenon. It is based on the form of reality. Therefore, on top of the 19.90 mm high-caliber movement, a globe in gold and black lacquer is used. Symbolically, the movement also features a black rocket with a burning reactor and a Bitcoin logo as Bitcoin continues to approach the moon.

history is taking shape
Astronomia Solar Bitcoin tells the story of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adventures in a way that resembles the writing on the walls of a cave or an Egyptian temple. Besides this epic story canvas is also a practical, truly advanced piece of watchmaking, and a gorgeous one.