U BOAT combines two worlds in the new CAPSOIL DOPPIO TEMPO collection

One of our all-time favorite Italian watch makers is fake U-Boat. Their unique and adventurous collection of luxury watches was entirely conceived by Italo Fontana, the grandson of the brand’s original inspiration. His creativity and unmistakable character are reflected in every U-Boat watch when he chooses design features and technical specifications for himself. For the brand’s latest launch, he challenged himself to bring together two offerings from the past and the present.

Back in 1938, U-Boat introduced the Doppiotempo model, originally designed for Col Moschin, the parachute commando regiment of the Italian army. Its DNA is characterized by two crowns, one for setting the time and date, and the other for adjusting the dual-hour function – which means “Doppiotempo” in Italian. The dual-hour function is paired with the iconic rotating bezel for easy setting and reading of the second time zone. It is this very complication that inspired the brand’s latest release, as it complements the legendary oil-immersed Capsoil watch in the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo collection.

Those unfamiliar with the U-Boat Capsoil range can enjoy. These ground-breaking designs showcase the brand’s oil-immersion concept, submerging the entire electromechanical movement and dial in an oil bath. The effect is truly stunning, enhancing the three-dimensional effect and giving the impression that the sapphire crystal glass does not exist. There is also a unique compensation bubble on the dial that floats freely on the dial to compensate for temperature changes. Offering the same dial as the historic Doppiotempo complication, the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo watch combines tradition and innovation.

There are currently two U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo watches to choose from, both offering the same functionality, movement and aesthetics but with different case finishes. Model 8769 is available in classic AISI 316L stainless steel, while the second model 8770 has a black DLC satin finish to the steel. Both designs are 45mm in diameter and feature two crowns on the left side of the case, a rotating bezel and a closed caseback that is water-resistant to 100 meters.

For us, the dial of the U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo watch is the real beauty. The dial features two overlays that are completely submerged in oil, offering one of the most intensely black surfaces we’ve ever seen. Its purity also contributes to great legibility, thanks to the contrasting beige Superluminova-treated hands and hour-markers, as well as the vibrant colour of the red arrow-shaped GMT hand. The dial is protected by a curved sapphire crystal.

Powering the hours, minutes and dual-time complications is a Swiss-made electromechanical movement that is fully lubricated in the same oil bath as the dial. It is protected by an innovative locking system back cover for quick battery replacement. Finally, to complete every U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo watch, this ultra-durable black vulcanized rubber strap is custom made with an embossed U-Boat logo and a pin buckle made from the corresponding case material. buy good replica watches

Specifications: U-Boat Capsoil Doppio Tempo watch

Shell size: 45mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel with or without Black DLC
Bezel: Rotate
Glass: Domed Sapphire Crystal:
Crown: left double crown, one for time adjustment and the second for second time setting
Back cover: closed with innovative locking system
Water resistance: 100 meters
Movement: Swiss electromechanical movement, oil bath lubrication
Functions: hour, minute, double hour
Dial: Black oil bath, beige hands and super luminous indexes
Strap: Black ultra-vulcanized rubber
Buckle: pin