This all-gold Panerai may be the favorite of “Pai fans”

Panerai’s watch design is very recognizable, the classic pillow-shaped case, the brand’s patented crown Huqiao and other proprietary characteristics, make Panerai’s watch full of tough and rough charm. At the 2017 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, Panerai launched the gold-shell ceramic bezel sneak 684 watch (model PAM00684). It makes the visual design of the watch more perfect, and it also makes people fall in love with the beauty of the watch.

When I first started playing with watches, it was just in time for Panerai to become popular in China. Because there were not many types of Panerai, and the information was not as developed as it is today, such as 47mm, steel case, two needles, four kings, Minerva movements, etc., were regarded as the “benchmark” of Panerai. Only Panerai of these elements is “orthodox”. In addition, Panerai is not pure. Later, with the explosive growth of Panerai’s types and the development of information, these rules and regulations of playing Pei gradually disappeared, and no one mentioned it again.

Maybe it’s a certain age, and now I like gold watches more and more. Whenever I pass by a Panerai store when I go shopping, what attracts me the most is the Panerai gold shell sneak. Every time I take a second look . Today, I will introduce this Panerai gold shell ceramic ring sneak 684 to you.

Born in 1956, Panerai with the most complete configuration.

Let’s not discuss the division of fake Panerai in the past. Today, Panerai is divided into 4 series. In Chinese, they are Lumino (with bridge guards), Raidemir (without bridge guards), Luminodur (ultra-thin version of Lumino), and Sneak (professional diving).

Among them, the sneak series is the main series of professional diving, with bridge guards, rotating bezels, and the most complete configuration of hands and feet. The historical prototype of the sneak series is a military diving watch provided by Panerai to the Egyptian Navy in 1956. The size is 60 mm. The biggest feature is that the digital scale on the rotating bezel is a three-dimensional small dot. Today’s Panerai sneak series inherits the main features of the 1956 Panerai Egyptian military watch, especially the bezel with three-dimensional small dot scale.

Panerai sneaks 684, holding it in the hand, it is a heavy “small gold nugget”, after getting started, it is full of weight and falls. 18K rose gold case, measuring 42 mm. In the past two years, Panerai has gradually reduced the size and launched a lot of 42mm and 40mm watches, which are very suitable for domestic players. Panerai’s 18K rose gold has a patented Goldtech technology. In the conventional 18K rose gold, a certain proportion of platinum is added to enhance the antioxidant capacity of the rose gold and maintain the rose gold luster. The stealth 684 gold shell is all polished, and the bridges are brushed. The luxury of the gold fashion watch is very strong.

Panerai Sneak Series 684, AU750 on the case, gold balance, St. Bernard dog head, representing this watch is 18K solid gold watch.

The Panerai Sneak 684 uses a black ceramic bezel with a matte finish. On the ceramic ring, there are 18K rose gold three-dimensional small dot scales, of which 15, 30, and 45 small dots have numbers. 12 o’clock is the night pearl.

The Panerai Sneak 684 uses a black ceramic bezel and a three-dimensional small dot scale on the bezel, which is the characteristic of the Sneak series.

As Panerai’s diving watch series, Panerai sneaks across the board using large luminous hands. The 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions of the 684 are three-dimensional bar-shaped luminous hour markers, and the rest are three-dimensional dot hour markers. Since the 684 is a rose gold model, the hands and hour markers are all rose gold, matching the case. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the calendar at 3 o’clock maintain the consistent layout of Panerai.

Sneak 684, using Panerai P9010 automatic movement, movement through the bottom. Panerai P9010 automatic movement, size 37.8 mm, 31 jewel bearings, oscillating frequency 28800 times/hour, power 72 hours. Time zone quick adjustment function, and need to use time zone quick adjustment to adjust the calendar. The movement is polished, and the Panerai self-produced movement has always been brushed on the upper plywood and decorated with pearl patterns on the lower plywood.

The 684 is a rare watch in the Sneak series, in the 42mm version, using the P9010 movement. The Sneak 1164 (PAM01164), the replacement model of the Sneak 684, has been replaced with the P900 movement, that is, the movement shared by the Richemont Group, and it is not transparent. Panerai’s current layout is to use the P900 movement in the 42mm sneak and the P9010 movement in the 47mm sneak.

Panerai sneak 684, can be equipped with tape, can be equipped with belt. It is normal for a diving watch to be equipped with tape. Panerai has equipped the 684 with a crocodile leather strap, which means that in Panerai’s positioning, the 42mm rose gold sneak is also sporty and formal. The rose gold 684 is paired with a black alligator leather strap, which is very coordinated and has a Western effect with a shirt.