Aquatimer: Experience HYT’s Fluidic for yourself

HYT really knows how to get our blood flowing.

From the launch of the HYT H²0 Brown to the downright mythical (in the watchmaking sense) creation published at SIHH. Who would have thought that in less than a decade, HYT would be able to rewrite traditional watchmaking codes. At this year’s SIHH, HYT continued on this very innovative path with a range of new products.

H0 – Fluid Diamond
Let’s start with the most exciting of all the HYT works we’ve seen. This H 0 model – set with 1,206 diamonds for a total carat weight of 7.423 carats. As my colleague Benjamin points out, HYT is on a “philosophical quest” and this article is no exception. In fact, marketing materials for the piece see the brand quoting the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “No one steps into the same river twice, because it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.”

Here, the iconic H 0 model is turned into a jewelry masterpiece. In stark contrast to the gleaming all-diamond dial and subdials are circular fluid modules filled with red liquid. Other red accessories include a red alligator leather strap and matching gloves.

This model is available in two colors, black or red.

H0 – ‘Time is precious’
When you deal with H 0 – ‘Time is Precious’, the first thing that comes to your mind is the kaleidoscopic quality of the dial. What looks like a broken mirror is actually a well-crafted inlaid dial – composed of 63 pieces of monocrystalline silicon. Once worn on the wrist, this stunning transparent model reveals itself from multiple angles. Stainless steel case with “Time Is Precious” engraved on the side. The domed sapphire crystal allows unobstructed viewing from any angle.

On the wrist, the H 0 – ‘Time is Precious’ model is certainly an impressive model for this writer’s small(ish) wrist. The 48.8mm case size does skew towards the larger size, but given the technology included in this fluid creation, we’ll go through it. The transparent rubber strap with titanium buckle is comfortable to wear.

H1.0 – new model
Imagine yourself in a dystopian future where cars fly and robots run our lives. Now imagine what role the watch will play in this not-so-distant reality. While we’re not yet living in Fritz Lang’s “metropolis,” this new H1.0 is truly the watch you’ll want to wear when the robot takes over.

The new H1.0 takes the wearer into a new dimension of watchmaking. Skeletonization exposes almost every aspect of an incredible movement that is mechanical in nature but combined with HYT’s proprietary microfluidic modules. The exposed bellows at the six o’clock position helps pump liquid through the borosilicate glass tube. The black DLC-coated case complements the satin-finished movement components visible through the domed sapphire crystal.

H20 »Time is fluid«
The brand continues to push the boundaries of modern watchmaking and applied fluid dynamics. Just five years ago, water was the enemy of watches. Brands go to great lengths to protect their precious cargo through the use of various seals, screws and threads.

HYT fake has turned the world upside down, retooling the well-known watchmaking axis. With the new H 2 0 »TIME IS FLUID«, HYT takes this concept to the extreme. A fully 3D design that totally inspires the idea of ​​time telling. The guilloche discs for the minutes and seconds are offset and well above the main plate. The brand has developed a bespoke APRP movement (Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi). Serious timepiece indeed.

The H 2 0 »TIME IS FLUID« is available in two limited editions, one in 18k yellow gold and one in stainless steel. What I found most interesting was the SuperLuminova app on the dial and side case, which, under the right conditions, could give you a spaceship on your wrist.

“Time is a flat circle” is a phrase repeated in the halls of industry trade shows. In short, everything we have done or will do, we will do over and over again. Not at cheap HYT! The brand goes beyond liquidity and into watchmaking!