Ulysse Nardin’s amazing X-series watch

For the next year, Ulysse Nardin relied on the symbol X, which, in the brand’s interpretation, was synonymous with experimentation, quirky looks and expression. That’s why it became part of the new series designation, which included two first models: the Freak X and the Skeleton X. According to the manufacturer, the company stretches the usual boundaries and invites watchmaking on an exciting journey.

The first luxury watch to date has become the simplest and easiest to use version of the legendary Freak model, featuring a 2001 carousel tourbillon that indicates the time on its axis. Key changes include a case downsizing to 43mm (versus the traditional 45mm) and a screw-down crown for time adjustment (previously assigned to the front bezel).

There are four versions of the case design to choose from, where the central part and bezel are made of titanium with black DLC coating (3 options) or titanium with blue PVD coating (1 option) The bezel is enclosed in a frame with side walls and the straps are shackled in titanium, black DLC-coated titanium, rose gold and the innovative material Carbonium.

The latter came from the aviation industry to the watch industry. It represents a carbon fiber that is pressed under high temperature and pressure to reveal the structure of wavy organic patterns formed by carbon fibers measuring 7 microns in diameter – it is twice as light as aluminum and twice as environmentally friendly as conventional carbon composites.

As for the interior of the Freak X luxury watch, a new movement UN-230 is registered, with manual winding, a 3 Hz balance and a 72-hour power reserve – a solution based on the first movement combination Freak UN -118 and last year’s constructive UN-250 (Freak Vision). From the latter, you can observe a large silicon balance with an inertial load made of nickel and a stable micro blade, working with a silicon trigger (Swiss anchor drop).

The colour code of the case corresponds to the colour of the design on the front of this luxury watch (mechanisms, indicators, markers), as well as the colour of the supplied strap, which is either alligator or calfskin.

As for the second novelty, it’s a bold Skeleton X model, also available in four versions, sticking to a certain color accent in the design of the case, strap and extremely skeletonized dial, with neat markers and central hands .

Options in a 42mm diameter case made of 18 karat Rose Gold or Titanium (Ti Blue) use a thin titanium bezel with a blue PVD coating. Meanwhile, the Ti Black version features a black DLC coating for the 42mm case and bezel.

Finally, the new composite carbon gold forms part of the 43 mm case of the fourth example: the finest carbon filaments and gold particles dispersed in a thermoset polymer matrix appear in an unusual form, giving the case a unique “shimmering” “Effect. Cheap watch price

The skeletonized structure with manual winding is designated UN-371 (balance frequency – 21,600 pieces/hour, power reserve – 96 hours) and is actually a modification of the classic oscillating system movement UN-171 (executive skeleton tourbillon) Version. In analogy to the Freak X luxury watch, the brand has a modern solution, a large silicon balance wheel with an inertial load constructed of nickel and stabilizing micro blades, and a silicon trigger mechanism.

Available options to wear the watch on your wrist include rubber straps or alligator or calfskin straps. Ulysse Nardin fake