Richard Mille RM 028 Diver: Tech Kit Diver’s Watch

As winter approaches the northern hemisphere, get ready for a tropical getaway with the 47mm titanium Richard Mille RM028 Diver. More than just another “diving watch,” the RM028 combines Richard Mille’s signature technology, technical style and new ergonomics in one package, ready for diving action in the Florida Keys.

Introduced in 2009 as the more practical successor to the RM025 diving tourbillon, the RM028 is equally striking on the wrist. The 47mm brushed titanium case ensures that the grade and quality of this Swiss sea monster are inversely proportional. From an ergonomic standpoint, the visually impressive RM028 Diver wears as easily as a 40-42mm steel watch. The case’s exotic alloys, the complete absence of traditional dials and the skeletonized titanium movement keep weight to a minimum.

Richard Mille’s efforts in diving watches have brought a series of innovations to the RM028. The most important of these improvements is the unique one-way locking diving bezel. When both safety plungers are pressed, the bezel can be set to track dive times of up to an hour. Richard Mille enhances the traditional screw-down crown with an extra-large diameter and a rubber-coated knurled edge, ensuring ease of operation when hands are wet or while gloves are on – the Achilles’ heel of traditional diver’s watch designs.

The soft natural rubber strap has embossed channels on the back to allow moisture and sand to escape; it’s worth mentioning that the red signal strap and titanium pin buckle also look business-ready up high and dry.

Richard Mille fake uses a fully open dial and three sapphire crystals to convey the time and date information on the RM028. The first sapphire covers the components; the second serves as a platform for the calibration, date window, luminous hour indices and text; and the last sapphire is a moving ring with serial numerals for the date. Stacked sapphires create the illusion that the dial’s features float in a nautical suspension above the PVD chalkboard of the RMAS7 movement.

And Richard Mille RMAS7 is worthy of admiration. RMAS7 is an automatic movement designed with an active lifestyle in mind and a showcase for Richard Mille’s innovative instincts. Hollow-out titanium panels minimize inertia and ensure movement is protected from shock; elastomeric isolation units add insulation at the shell clips. The free-spring balance has a variable inertia balance that protects the chronograph regulator from rapid or lag operation after a wrist strike.

The twin barrels release torque steadily during the 55-hour power reserve. Richard Mille’s exclusive variable inertia winding rotor can be customized to more or less wind the cheap watch according to the user’s level of activity; for better measure, the rotor spins on low-friction winding bearings that don’t require lubricant .