Baume & Mercier finally has an interesting watch

Copy Pierre Soulages’ work.

After a few years of drifting — and a low-priced Kickstarter-like watch — Baume & Mercier is finally back with something surprisingly interesting. Based on the brand’s iconic rectangular best online watch store, the Hamptons “Hommage à Pierre Soulages” replicates the work of the acclaimed French artist in textured sculptural relief on the dial.

The dial pattern is only visible up close, the case is completely matte black, and the aesthetics are surprisingly understated. Like Mr Soulages’ most famous work, the dial relies on texture, orientation and colorlessness, albeit with concessions in terms of branding and time display.

While some of its women’s watches have done well in certain markets, B&M has had a rough recent history. While the brand went through a cycle of several CEOs, it also launched a variety of products during this period, but none of them really caught on.

But now it’s creating something unexpected. The concept is simple – a dial that reproduces a work of art – but it is still original and unusual. Baume & Mercier replica

Despite its simplicity, this watch manages to capture the spirit of the artist on a tiny canvas. Monochromatic finishes and an emphasis on texture are what Mr. Soulages himself is known for.

One is the inherent appeal of the watch, and the other is that the Soulages Museum undoubtedly earns royalties from the collection. The last point is that its limited edition is only 102 pieces, which is a small-scale watch by B&M standards.

Oil on canvas 390 x 130 cm, 17 March 2019
The dial of the Hommage à Pierre Soulages is based on the first half of the Peinture 390 x 130 cm, March 17, 2019, and like all Mr. Soulages pieces, is named for its size and completion date.

The dial was originally a blank piece of brass that was first laser engraved to create a texture that mimicked the work’s acrylic paint. It is then polished with Candia stone, a grinding stone commonly used to sharpen knives, to give it a matte, lightly worn surface. It was then electroplated black and then covered with varnish for protection and a little sheen.

A small amount of gold trim is the only color of the watch. Both the brand name and the “Swiss Made” label are gold-plated on the sapphire crystal underside, leaving the dial surface unchanged.

According to B&M, both matte black hands end with a gold-plated band, a detail that Mr. Soulages himself specified.

Aside from the dial, the rest of the Swiss replica watches USA is standard Hampton. The case is stainless steel, sandblasted and coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), giving it a matte black finish. It’s a large men’s model, but retains the rather elegant proportions of 31mm x 48.11mm, while the height is a slim 9.8mm.

The movement is a regular ETA 2892, which is the only disappointment. It performs well, but nothing to see, and although its black-coated rotors match the case, its trim is light.