Corum produces in-house sailing – finally

In competitive sailing, each team reacts to the wind. At Corum fake, the winds of change are bringing a company calmed by the past into the future. Corum emerged from the slump with a renewed commitment to sailing and watchmaking; in fact, the synergy of sailing and watchmaking unleashed a new in-house sailing sport with new products.

Corum sponsors the French start-up sailing team Energy Team to win. Despite being the underdogs of the America’s Cup World Series, the Energy recently caught everyone’s attention when they won May in Venice. How to explain such immediate success? One person – Loic Perron. Loick Peyron is the captain of the energy team, an ambassador for Corum, and is closely involved in Corum’s next steps. He’s not just the face of the brand; he’s also an unofficial research and development consultant. He is a winner.

Corum PR Director Valerie Debely reveals a unique sailing relationship with Loick Peyron that gives Corum an edge on the water and on the wrist. “We have started a new development project with Loick Peyron. There is actually a lack of real regatta functionality on the market, so he is contacting our watchmakers to develop a new movement, which is Corum’s own machine calibre, dedicated to regatta with different starting functions. It takes a long time to develop a new movement. We started the process more than a year ago. The new movement is expected to be launched in 2014. Meanwhile, we have another A new movement is under development and should be launched in early January next year, and it also has a regatta function.” Two words I didn’t expect to hear together, Corum and new.

Now is the perfect time for Corum luxury watches. Loick Peyron shares, “Timing is critical in any type of sport. You have to start in line. You must not cross the starting line until the start signal. That’s why it’s important to have an easier way to read the time. .That’s why at Corum, we are developing a special product that will be a very good timing tool, especially for the start of any type of race.Being able to read in a fraction of a second, because I Had to watch all the other boats in close proximity, so in a fraction of a second, I needed to be able to read how many seconds or minutes were left.” This new product is confidential, the best conclusions I can draw Yes, “We currently do not have any information to communicate about the new model.”

The start of the America’s Cup World Series has a small fleet vying for position and trying to determine when they will get close to the starting line. A cross too early, the team takes a penalty and gets back to the starting line, but the start time is just right and you find yourself in the lead. Corum has perfectly timed this new development. luxury watches fake