Wu Dajing and Liang Bo are the best friends of Chopard’s Alpine Eagle series

Chopard, a jewelry and watch brand from Switzerland, officially announced that Olympic champion Wu Dajing and singer Liang Bo have become friends of its Alpine Eagle series. One is a short track speed skating athlete who burns glory with sweat, breaking the men’s 500-meter world record for short track speed skating many times, standing at the top of the glory; Talents forge a variety of moving works, which hit people’s hearts at the moment of singing. Whether it is learning to do everything possible to face every corner of life on the ice and snow track, or being tenacious and calm in the creative process and ignoring the hustle and bustle of the outside world, the two brand friends continue to achieve their goals in two completely different trajectories. self-transcendence.

The design of the Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain Proud Wing series watch is inspired by the magnificent natural habitat of the Alpine snow mountains and the sublime power of the alpine eagle. This series of timepieces is not only a modern interpretation of the brand’s first steel watch, St. Moritz, but also witnesses the promotion of this environmental protection project of the Eagle Wings Foundation, dedicated to every outstanding talent who understands environmental protection concepts and has a vision Hansome. This time, Chopard invited Wu Dajing and Liang Bo to pay tribute to the visionary contemporary men, interpreting the extraordinary integrity and lofty aspirations of perseverance.

Burning on the ice rink and marching forward in glory, Wu Dajing became the first Chinese men’s short track speed skating Olympic gold medalist with his extraordinary performance on the field. Persistent sweat casts the indomitable pioneering spirit, and every gliding trajectory is a journey to reach the peak. He is indomitable, brave to fight, domineering yet restrained, with subtlety hidden in his edge, and his focused eyes are like sharp eagle eyes, staring firmly at the direction of travel. The Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain Proud Wing series watch will fly to the top of the mountain with this well-deserved “contemporary eagle”. Chopard replica

As an outstanding all-round musician in the Chinese contemporary music scene, Liang Bo is unique in the music world with his extraordinary creative talent and craftsman-like rigorous and down-to-earth professional attitude. His original works full of personality convey the uninhibited and deep power of the heart. Simple and enthusiastic, real and resolute, blasting in silence, precipitating in the melody, so he and the wise and steady connotation of the Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain series watch are in line with each other, and he is the same as he is on the road of music The vigorous eagle roams the vast sky, not afraid of the unknown and dangerous.

With eagle aspirations and insight into the future, the two brand friends will show the world the exquisiteness of the Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain Proud Wing series with a unique gentleman’s perspective and distinctive personal charm, inject a new style into Chopard, and witness every moment in the maverick. A moment of glory. Popular replica watch