Jacob & Co. launches limited edition Astronomia Maestro Worldtime

When it comes to watches, Jacob & Co. replica has a lot of hatred, but there are also many admirers, because many people think that they did not really create elegant timepieces. However, it is totally unfair to ignore Jacob & Co., because even if people disagree with their style, what they do deserves recognition. The limited edition Astronomia Maestro Worldtime watches are no exception, because the number of details is comparable to the entire watch series of other manufacturers.

This Astronomia Maestro Worldtime is housed in a 50 mm wide and 26 mm thick frame. The frame is entirely made of sapphire crystal with a rose gold chassis. This allows the wearer to see the entire movement and all the complexities that make this watch a reality. This watch does not have a crown, so you can view the entire watch at a glance. Instead, the winding and setting functions are located on the back of the watch case. The movement itself has a power reserve of 50 hours and powers a range of other functions of the watch.

In addition to the hour and minute functions, it also has a minute repeater clock piano with 3 overhead spiral gongs and a world time function. There is a gravitational three-axis flying tourbillon, in which the cage rotates every 60 seconds a day, and 2 cages rotate every 90 seconds. There is also a globe on one of the arms, which rotates every 24 hours to indicate the time in each of the 24 time zones. There is also the iconic Jacob Cut 1-carat diamond, which rotates every 90 seconds, allowing the wearer to see its 288 individual facets. copy watches

Finally, the dial itself also has a fully hand-painted aventurine dial along the splint of the movement, depicting the Milky Way and its planets. In order to complete the space theme, there are also hand-painted highly detailed orbital astronaut maps, why not at this point. As mentioned earlier, the case is 50 mm and made of 18K rose gold. There are 3 rotating bows on the back of the watch for winding, setting time and operating world time settings. However, the waterproof is only 10m, but this is the expectation of this housing design. The dial uses blue PVD ‚Äč‚Äčindex and blue Jacob & Co. hands. It comes with a dark blue alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold folding clasp.

Love it or hate it, amazing features and complex design absolutely need recognition. Although I am not a big fan of their designs, I cannot deny the workload of each Review watch. This alone is worthy of respect.