Jacob & Co Astronomia Black Solar Zodiac adds a new color to the classic

The background of the rotating solar system is based on an already complex original background.

The Astronomia Solar Zodiac of Jacob & Co has undergone the largest design transformation since its first bold horological creation in 2014.

Under the huge sapphire crystal dome, Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black is equipped with a three-arm carousel of this design, which can be used as a base for a 60-second flying tourbillon, a 60-second rotating rose gold and blue lacquered globe, and three other hands -Painted planets and automatically positioned hour and minute dials. The entire assembly completes a clockwise rotation every 10 minutes.

But unlike the previous version (Connor McGregor recently showed a diamond-inlaid astronomy worth $1 million), the background here is made of black aventurine glass, inlaid with semi-precious planets in the solar system, which also rotate , Completes a 360-degree rotation and rotates in the opposite direction at the same rate.

At the center of the arrangement is a 2k Jacob-cut yellow citrine whose 288 facets form an almost perfect sphere representing the sun. watch fake

These planets are formed by cabochon-cut semi-precious stone hemispheres: the white granite of Mercury, the rosestone of the field, the red jasper of Mars, the peterite of Jupiter, the tiger’s eye of Saturn and the 18k rose gold ring, the blue calcite of Uranus and Lazuli Lazuli represents Neptune.

The impressive mechanism is housed in a 44 mm black DLC-coated titanium case with a sapphire crystal window.

Conor McGregor invested £2.2 million on Jacob & Co. watches, including a watch with an X-rated twist…

Conor McGregor is an extraordinary figure in the MMA world. When you are as successful as the “notorious” Irishman, you can not only show off your stuff like him, but you can also spend ridiculous money on your watch. Yesterday, McGregor shared a window of his extraordinary life and filmed his visit to the Jacob & Co. boutique to buy not just one watch, but two! The brand’s watches are by no means cheap, integrating high-end jewelry and watches into highly original and creative timepieces. McGregor used the obsolete watch series to purchase the rose gold Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette and Rasputin Diamond Erotic Minute Repeater for nearly £2.2 million-these two bold choices matched his bold personality.