Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather Edition-Mechanical (and musical) fascinating

Music exists in time. Jacob & Co. Opera combines two traditional Swiss craftsmanship, both a highly complex timepiece and a wearable music box… and it is a spectacular performance on the wrist that is difficult to describe . The movements of the three-axis tourbillon ballet and its musical mechanism are surprising and fascinating. Technically, the combination of these two rare complications is impressive. A lot of things have indeed happened. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth a million… It is even necessary to show a challenge by playing the godfather theme and featuring a miniature Don Vito Corleone (Don Vito Corleone) The center of the traditional label timepiece!

The working principle of the music mechanism is to miniaturize the music box to fit the watch. It is driven by its own barrel. Like the minute repeater, the adjuster flywheel controls the speed of complex functions and sets the rhythm for the melody played by two cylinders with pins and steel combs driven by gears.

The 2 cylinders have manually set pins, which can sweep the 30 (2×15) blades of the 2 combs to play the melody. The precise adjustment of the pins and the different lengths of the blades create different notes. Each of the 100 pins are manually inserted into the cylinder with the highest accuracy. The manufacture of the comb is very important, especially the length of the blade and its strength, in order to produce the correct melody. replica watches uk

As the melody plays, the entire mechanical module-including the three-axis tourbillon, music mechanism, and hour and minute eccentricity indicator-rotates 120° around the dial in 20 seconds.

The manual winding movement JCFM02 is composed of no less than 664 parts and has a diameter of 43 mm. It is regulated by a three-axis tourbillon. The ballet of the concentric cage allows multi-dimensional rotation to counteract the negative effects of gravity: 40 seconds on the first axis, 3 minutes on the second axis, and 8 minutes on the third axis. The complex design includes 97 parts and weighs only 1.79 grams. Its variable inertia balance vibrates 21,600 times per hour. The power reserve of the chronograph mechanism is 72 hours.

Movement finishing involves a lot of work and artistic mastery. For example, the “Godfather” character in the center is hand-carved and hand-painted. The golden sheet music is hand-carved and painted. The cylinder is gold-plated. The plates and bridges are shot blasted and PVD ​​coated, and the screw heads are mirror polished. The dial is decorated with gold appliqués and blue hands. replica jacob and co watches

This impressive movement is housed in a 47 mm case made of DLC titanium and rose gold. It is protected by a highly domed sapphire crystal. Although the top of the glass is curved and the cutting angle is clear, it is made of only one part. This is a technical feat. It allows unobstructed observation of complex movements from all angles. The JCFM02 movement is wound and set by two folding crowns on the back of the watch. The melody is activated by the button at 2 o’clock. The watch is fitted with an alligator leather strap, which is secured by a folding clasp.

Jacob & Co. Opera is not the first musical watch, but it does belong to its own kind of watch, with its eye-catching design and super complex mechanical device (with dual comb music mechanism and three-axis tourbillon). The retail price of the “Godfather” DLC Titanium/Pink Gold Limited Edition is 300.000 Swiss francs, we are viewing it here. The other versions have different materials, melodies and themes. You can also order a watch with a melody of your choice.

Note: This article describes two versions of Jacob & Co. Opera. The first is the Godfather limited edition, the DLC-titanium/pink gold version, with the godfather’s miniature character as the center, playing the godfather theme. The second is rose gold with no characters. One of the earliest versions of the watch had a couple dancing in its center. Astronomia Dragon