What is U-Boat Capsoil?

Capsoil is unique in that the oil bath completely immerses the timepiece’s electromechanical system. This is not the manufacturing technique used before the watch is assembled. The oil is actually present in the fully finished watch! This creates a dreamlike personality for the watch and is true to the brand ideology.

“Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design and combines innovative features with retro-style lines, proving that it is a unique product in the world Replica watches for sale market.”

The oil bath inside the watch completely surrounds the dial, turning it into absolute black, completely changing the appearance of the watch, giving it a three-dimensional and profound beauty! In fact, the liquid completely filled the dial, except for one bubble, which was deliberately left on each model. This bubble allows the liquid to move and flow. This gives another unique appearance, with the dial constantly moving and changing. Nevertheless, and the dark black appearance of the dial, the inclusion of this bubble actually provides an enlarged pointer view, which seems to float freely above the dial! This is indeed an amazing design, and it is obvious why Italo is so proud of his creation!

Capsoil is smaller than some other models in the U-Boat series and comes with a 45 mm case. It combines the highest quality convex sapphire crystal with a beige sphere and hour markers underneath, allowing Superluminova to shine. The watch also offers Hermatic Resistance (air tightness) up to 10 ATM. Its waterproof leather strap is handmade by professional craftsmen in Florence.