Franck Muller releases Vanguard Racing series for Bill Auberlen and BMW Motorsports

The perfect Franck Mueller Vanguard, suitable for wearing on the track.

Franck Muller Geneve pays tribute to motorsports and the greatest drivers of all time, launching an American limited edition specially designed for drivers Bill Auberlen and BMW. With the redefined lines and the combination between the world of craftsmanship and the car, Franck Muller has developed this unique and passionate timepiece, using an elegant internal skeleton movement that is reminiscent of an engine, which you can admire through the open back cover it. So far, he has won 63 races, officially becoming the most successful sports car driver in North American history. With the redefined lines and the combination of craftsmanship and the automotive world, Franck Muller has developed this unique and passionate timepiece. As a true ambassador of motorsport, Bill Auberlen and Franck Muller share the same performance and perfect values. For this American limited edition, the display of the second hand starts from the bottom, rather than from the top like a car counter, so the seconds can be read on both ends of the hand. In order to further highlight the hollow design, the date numbers have also been completely hollowed out. The Vanguard™ Racing Skeleton Bill Auberlen series is specially designed for racing. It is very elegant and deliberately sporty. There are 18 carat rose gold, carbon and macro molecular technology blue. The last material is made of high-purity metals and exotic elements that have been deconstructed to the level of macromolecules.

Franck Muller’s new “Color Dreams” Vanguard Skeleton

Artwork on the wrist

In the world of watches, luxury timepieces are not only a simple timekeeping tool, but also a small work of art that highlights the design and technology of global watchmakers. Franck Muller followed this philosophy and introduced extraordinary complications such as Vanguard Skeleton. The Swiss watchmaker is proud to announce the launch of Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, a special edition piece that showcases a colorful skeleton body made of anodized aluminum. Below the sapphire crystal mirror, the rainbow-like mechanism is intertwined through the transparent dial, allowing you to better understand how Vanguard works. Franck Muller combines performance and elegance, and is proud to present this timepiece as a functional everyday wearer, which can be dressed up or dressed up. After completing Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, Franck Muller added a vibrant red large-size leather strap and matching brand buckle.

Franck Muller x BWD x Arsham Studios x King Nerd launch limited edition Casablanca

When the watch manufacturer sought help from well-known brands on limited edition collaboration examples, expectations and collector values ​​increased significantly.copy Franck Muller x Bamford Watches x Daniel Arsham x King Nerd proudly presents an eye-catching limited edition Casablanca timepiece. The 39mm square stainless steel case is decorated with the Daniel Arsham logo carefully engraved by expert King Nerd. The faint pattern follows the iconic Arsham Studio Green dial, showing other small details of the collaboration. The back cover is decorated with detailed Arsham Studios x Casablanca engravings and numbers representing five limited-production works. Combining the artistic interpretation of Franck Mueller Casablanca is the Arsham Studios monogram embossed leather strap with a stainless steel buckle.