Let’s take a look at how the “Eagle” in the luxury sports watch performs

Chopard launched a new Alpine Eagle series of watches in 2019. Alpine Eagle means Alpine Eagle. As a luxury sports watch, this series of watches is available in a variety of sizes.

Before the introduction, let’s talk about the current luxury sports watch market. In fact, in addition to those hot watches, when you mention other brands of luxury sports watches, they always talk about the style and design. It’s true that these luxury sports watches have similar components in one piece, but this is also because the luxury sports watches that were born under the impact of the quartz crisis in the 1970s, the design theme and positioning are actually very clear, and the original intention is to make steel. Sports watches, coupled with Gérald Genta, his design is too good, and his own effort has too much influence on the design style of luxury sports watches. I personally understand that it is just like a pilot watch. The style of a luxury sports watch is just like this. No matter how it is designed, it is not too detached. Everyone follows this model. The main product is steel, plus an integrated design, which is compatible with some elegance. The style makes these watches controllable regardless of formal wear, leisure or sports.

Going back to cheap Chopard, he has a high level in the fields of famous watches, jewellery, and glasses. Although he is relatively small in the domestic market, many senior watch friends praise Chopard, especially for Chopard’s most classic. 1.96 Pearl Tuo movement, it is called the most beautiful Pearl Tuo movement together with Patek Philippe 240 movement. And I always think that brands that can make jewelry and watches are actually very powerful, no matter how fine craftsmanship and design are at least not bad.

For men’s watches, Chopard has always used the classic racing series as the main sports watch, but in the past few years, the luxury sports watch with integrated design of the watch head and bracelet has been too hot in the market, and Chopard has also turned its attention to this. As one of the oldest watch and jewellery brands, he has a deep accumulation, so Chopard drew designs from historical models to launch a new luxury sports watch.

What kind of watch is Chopard ALPINE EAGLE “Alpine Eagle”?

Therefore, Chopin’s Alpine Eagle series also has his own heritage elements in it. The design is inspired by the brand’s first sports watch, St. Moritz, which is also the first steel timepiece created by the brand’s workshop. For Chopard, who was specialized in making gold or diamond-encrusted gold watches at that time, it was quite innovative.

When we put the St. Moritz watch and the new Alpine Eagle together, it can be clearly seen that he inherited the design of the St. Moritz watch head and bracelet, and has been greatly optimized according to the current aesthetic style.

After retaining the integrated design of the case and bracelet, the upper and lower ends of the case are directly inclined and connected to the bracelet. In this part, we can also see that it is in the same line as the classic ICE CUBE ring design of the brand.

Luxury sports watches have their own highly recognizable shell shapes. Compared with the Nautilus-like square and round porthole shape and the special tooth-shaped bezel that crosses the world, the Chopard Snow Mountain Ao Yi series has a round bezel, which looks at a glance. It’s mellow. There are 8 screws on the bezel, the four directions are symmetrical, and the direction of the screw mouth is also screwed according to the direction, which can be called the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The shape of the case also not only has a crown shoulder on the right side, but also has a prominent shape on the left side, continuing the harmonious symmetry.

All surfaces of the watch body are also brushed and polished. This fine processing allows the watch to create a light and shadow effect. The edges and corners are further enhanced by chamfering and polishing. The details of the entire watch are well controlled.

At present, the stainless steel styles of Alpine Eagle series watches are all made of Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel, which is a kind of steel made by remelting process. The research and development of this new material took up to four years, and its industrial production can be said to be worthy of the name. Because the strict production specifications actually increase the manufacturing time and the degree of wear of the processing tools, the material itself also has three unique characteristics.

  1. Thanks to the hypoallergenic ingredients, Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel has characteristics comparable to surgical steel, and has extremely high skin compatibility, so it can also be used by sensitive skin patients.
  2. The Vickers hardness of this alloy is 223, and its abrasion resistance is 1.5 times that of traditional stainless steel, which means that it can cause bumps and scratches on ordinary steel, which will not appear on it.
  3. The last point mentioned above is that the light and shadow of the whole table are very good, not only because of the exquisite polishing, but also the reason why the gloss of this material itself is higher than that of ordinary steel. Its crystal structure is very uniform and can be unique. The way it reflects light, coupled with the fact that this innovative steel has far fewer impurities than traditional stainless steel, ensures that it can finally have the luster and brightness comparable to gold.

Let us take a look at the dial design of the watch. This is a highlight. We can see from many elements that Chopard is responding to the Alpine Eagle and its habitat. First, the dial is processed into a rock texture effect, from the middle to the The outer edge radiates spirally and is decorated with a sun pattern effect. This design is also inspired by the eagle’s iris.

Thanks to the large size of 44 mm, the layout of the 3, 6, and 9 sub-discs is not cramped. The outer edge is equipped with a speed ring scale, the large calendar is set at 4:30, and the brand logo is clearly printed at 12 o’clock. Observatory certification. The central chronograph second hand is shaped with a feathered end, and the chronograph hands are also marked with red at the end.

The chronograph version is available in two colors on the dial, and is rich in meaning. The Aletsch Glacier Blue we are explaining today represents the blue light flowing between the majestic glaciers in the Swiss Alps, and the intense black is drawn from the colors of the alpine environment. For inspiration, refer to the night colors in the mountains where wild animals frequent.

The watch adopts a back-through design, and the movement can be directly viewed through the transparent sapphire caseback. It is equipped with a Chopard 03.05-C self-winding flyback chronograph movement, as a masterpiece of the master craftsman of Chopard’s watch workshop, it has four patents.

Equipped with a one-way gear system to prevent energy loss, this design is still very popular in chronograph models with higher energy consumption. The vertical clutch device ensures that the measurement can be started accurately. Because it is a flyback timing, it is equipped with three rotating hammers with elastic arms to smooth the continuous timing in a short time. It is also equipped with a Variner® balance wheel, which can automatically compensate for changes in inertia to ensure the stability of the movement. With a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, it can provide up to 60 hours of power reserve. This movement is also certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Chronometer (COSC).

Chopard took the position of the Alpine Eagle in the luxury sports watch, and at the same time compared to other popular watches, the purchase conditions are also more friendly. The reason why luxury sports watches are sought after is also because of its versatile and durable attributes. Looking at it comprehensively, not only the chronograph models, including the three-hand basic models, the entire Alpine Eagle series is worthy of watch friends’ attention. .

At the end of the article, I also put forward some expectations for the Alpine Eagle series watches, or called more ideas, because Chopard made a Swiss Graubunden granite dial for Only Watch in the second half of this year, and it has a calfskin strap design. The only treasure. Prior to this, the Alpine Eagle’s special discs were only women’s 36-size mother-of-pearl discs, and there was no belt style, so I also look forward to launching some special discs on the high quality replica watches that everyone can buy in the future, just like this gorgeous Stone material, or belt styles are provided. After all, luxury sports models cannot be separated from belt styles or rubber band styles to enrich the product line, and the very popular quick release strap design in the past two years, can it be integrated into the whole series of watches? payment. Since this year’s ONLYWATCH has all been realized, it is not impossible for the brand to further extend to the entire product line. Let us wait and see.