Self-produced movement, four parts composed by Richard Mille

When it comes to self-produced movements, various watchmaking brands can be said to show their talents, both in craftsmanship and design, all pursuing the highest level. Not long ago, we explained the Richard Mille RM 72-01 watch, which is equipped with the brand’s latest self-produced movement, and we also left a suspense at the time, that is, to talk about Richard Mille’s The most representative self-produced movements.

Create a history of self-produced movement-RM 037

Speaking of Richard Mille’s first self-produced movement, I have to mention the first watch equipped with it-the RM 037 ladies watch. This watch was launched in 2014. As a representative of Richard Mille ladies’ watches, it is equipped with the brand’s first self-winding movement called CRMA1.

Let’s talk about the innovations that are worth mentioning in this movement: throwing out the conventional treatments of grinding and polishing, it uses a unique crown system, which fully guarantees the integrity of the movement without interference. Unlike the traditional crown, it is independent of the inside of the movement, that is, it is not connected to the inside of the movement, so there will be no operational problems affecting the movement time due to winding and other operational problems.

Here we are going to take a look at the relationship between the general movement and the crown. Generally speaking, a watch with a mechanical movement needs to turn the structural spring in the movement through the action of winding the crown to make the movement. The core is full of power, so that the watch can run normally. replica watches for men

After removing the connection, how can this movement and even this watch run time normally? Richard Mille adopted a special design-the combination of gear teeth and non-calibrated balance spring pendulum, coupled with a variable geometry rotating pendulum, to achieve this movement.

In addition, the crown of this watch also has a crown with O-ring seal and Alcryn® gasket, so that the finished crown will hardly shift, but when needed, it only needs to be passed by the watchmaker. The dexterous hand can still easily insert or remove the crown.

CRMA1 opened the history of Richard Mille’s self-produced movements. After this, until now, Richard Mille has launched a total of 12 self-produced movements. The speed of this update iteration can be said to be amazing.

More bold dual-meshing mechanism mechanism-RM 72-01

Of course, when talking about Richard Mille’s self-produced movement, I have to mention the RM 72-01 watch equipped with the brand’s self-produced movement that was very popular some time ago. Its full name is RM 72-01 Lifestyle Independent. Movement chronograph. The self-produced movement it is loaded with is the brand’s patent application-swing pinion type double meshing mechanism.

What about this mechanism? This mechanism can separate the connection operation of the minute wheel and the hour wheel from the second wheel. In other words, it separates the small gears that originally controlled the minutes and seconds into two meshing devices. We have said before that such a design is not common in watch movements, and straight meshing devices are generally used. After all, the production difficulty will be much reduced.

But Richard Mille’s discovery is to ensure the slimness of the movement and the beauty of the movement through the hollow dial while maintaining the power reserve. And this innovative, thinner mechanism does not take up too much space. Therefore, although this patented mechanism is composed of 425 parts, its thickness is still relatively thin, only 6.05 mm.

In other words, when you put on this watch and play with it carefully, you will find that this complex function watch is thinner and lighter than you think. But it still does not lose its playability, whether it is the appearance of the iconic barrel-shaped case, the details on the hollow dial, or its movement, it is no wonder that it is sought after by collectors.

The ultimate in slimness-RM 67-01

In addition to the first two movements and watches that are of great significance to Richard Mille, in fact, in the history of Richard Mille’s watchmaking, there is an ultra-thin movement that must also have a name-thickness The CRMA6 movement is only 3.6 mm. In 2016, this movement was mounted on RM 67-01, and the total thickness of this watch was only 7.75 mm.

Ultra-thin means to discard some redundant things from the movement, and thinner means that the parts of the movement must also be matched. What is finally presented to us is this highly hollowed-out movement, which beats at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours. In addition, the bottom plate and bridge plate are made of micro-sandblasted grade 5 titanium, and are treated with a combination of gray and black plasma.

This movement exhibits a strong hollowness. Despite its thin structure, it can provide incredible visual depth from the front or back. Of course, Richard Mille’s ultra-thin watch is not limited to this one. The RM 67-02 and RM 72-01 we talked about before are all very thin, which breaks everyone’s preference for Richard Mille watches. A heavy impression.

Give the watch the real engine-RM 40-01
This year, the brand also launched a watch. I think the movement it carries is also very representative. The RM 40-01 self-winding tourbillon watch is a model jointly launched by the brand and McLaren Speedtail sports car. In order to pay tribute to the McLaren Speedtail, the fastest road model, Richard Mille chose the most in-depth cooperation to explore the inspiration of the two.

Really starting from the concept of the sports car theme, whether it is the appearance or the movement, they are all trying to get closer to the theme. As a result, we got a rare RM 40-01 self-winding tourbillon watch. The CRMT4 movement in this watch is the brand’s first movement equipped with a self-developed power reserve display. The tourbillon is placed at 6 o’clock, connected to the red line from the Speedtail vertical brake lights. Moreover, this is the first time that the brand has added complicated functions such as a large date display and a function selector to its self-developed tourbillon watch.

In addition, incorporating the design of a sports car, this movement is also decorated with McLaren’s classic Speedmark logo on the gears, and the arched parts vividly reproduce the curve of the sports car. In order to maintain the overall balance and smooth lines of the watch, the date adjustment button of the watch is designed at the 8 o’clock position. This design is technically more complicated than the simple method at 11 o’clock, but at the same time it is more beautiful. The edge of the bezel is polished, progressive chamfering and other polishing methods, and all are processed by hand.

After 8,600 hours of research and development on the structure of this movement, it finally showed the final version today. The complexity of the components, the exquisite details and the ingenuity of the fine workmanship make this self-developed movement watch become the new iconic representative of the brand. The overall movement arrangement of the watch corresponds to the smooth lines of the car shell of a sports car. If in the joint name of a sports car and a watch, which watch is the most sincere and fits the theme, the RM 40-01 is naturally indispensable. To be mentioned.

The several very representative watches and movements of Richard Mille we talked about today are in fact only part of the brand’s self-produced movements. In fact, luxury Richard Mille has been exploring the path of movement and innovation since he started the road of watchmaking. Of course, it is precisely with the spirit of continuous improvement that we can see these exquisite and eye-catching works. It turns out that there is such a unique way of interpreting time!