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TUDOR‘s Tanabata selection of Biwan series and Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” When we cross the ocean of love, we will be glad that we did not give up after all. The journey of love is like sailing in the ocean. Sometimes it’s sweet and warm, like a full sail, and the whole world is left behind; sometimes it’s quarreling like lightning, thunder, and stormy seas. It’s all on the faith of love to grab the mast and struggle; and more often it’s flat. Faint, the breeze drifts with the waves, as long as you are by your side, all the unknown becomes worth looking forward to. On the occasion of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Tudor selected the Biwan series and Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” watches to inject strength into true love and encourage lovers to dare to cross this ocean of love and reach the other shore of happiness together.

Both the Tudor Blue Bay series and the Blue Bay 1958 “Navy Blue” watch inherited one of the brand’s most eye-catching visual identities-Tudor Blue. The blue gene is not only a symbol of Tudor’s close connection with the ocean, but also reflects the brand’s deep ingenuity, enterprising and pioneering creativity. “Tudor Blue” is rich in changes and vivid in performance. The blue outer ring of the Biwan series is matched with a black dial, which has a sharp contrast and adds a sense of professional instrumentation to the whole. The Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” watch inherited from the history of the cooperation between Tudor and the French Navy uses a more elegant and unique blue with a 39 mm case. The retro style goes back to history and echoes the sea as Home lifestyle. Both watches are equipped with TUDOR original mechanical movements, with a power reserve of up to 70 hours. Even if the wearer takes off the watch on Friday night, it will not be worn until Monday morning, and there is no need to rewind the watch. Worry-free”.

Tudor Green Bay Series

The Tudor Black Bay series came out in 2012 and won the Geneva Watch Awards the following year. In 2016, it was equipped with a mechanical movement independently developed, produced and assembled by Tudor. This watch is the brand’s classic model, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the birth of Tudor diving watches, inheriting fine traditions. The TUDOR Black Bay watch is based on the history and tradition of Tudor, combining the past features, and the perfect fusion of ancient and modern. The concise and generous lines, arched dial and mirror of the new model inherit the design essence of the first Tudor diving watch. The prominently eye-catching winding crown originated from the “Big Crown” model (model 7924) launched by Tudor in 1958. The “snowflake” hands on the dial are sharply angular. This feature first appeared in the mass-produced watches for the French Navy in the 1970s.

MT5602 calibre manufactured by Tudor

This is a new type of Tudor-manufactured movement specially developed by Tudor for the new works of the Biwan series. The Biwan series was previously equipped with an externally produced movement. This movement size has hours, minutes and seconds display function, engraved with the serial number MT5602, where “MT” stands for “Manufacture TUDOR” (manufactured by Tudor). In 2015, Tudor announced the launch of the brand’s first independently developed, manufactured and assembled mechanical movement. This movement is outstanding, accurate, reliable, and impeccable. It can provide a 70-hour power reserve. In other words, if you take off the watch on Friday night, you can use it normally on Monday morning without winding it on your wrist. The movement frequency is 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz). It is adjusted by the inertia fine-tuning balance wheel equipped with a silicon hairspring, and is fixed by a cross plate, which makes the movement function more reliable. In addition, this movement has also been certified by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Center (COSC).

New steel strap

Tudor also drew inspiration from the brand’s riveted straps in the 1950s and 1960s, and redesigned the steel straps of this series of watches. The chain links on one side of the strap are connected by rivet heads, and the structure is stepped. These design features are well-known in the world. Nowadays, the straps of the Biwan watch follow the above two design features. In addition, it combines modern manufacturing techniques with solid links. Tudor Biwan watches are also available with discounted antique leather straps, both of which come with a matching texture strap: burgundy outer ring with black or the same color texture strap, blue outer ring with the same color watch Band, red triangle mark and black outer ring style is equipped with black strap. The strap is made with the traditional jacquard craftsmanship of a century-old family company in St-Etienne, France, which is a major feature of the Tudor Inspiration series. replica watches usa

Three versions, three personalities

There are three versions of the Biwan series, all of which are unique. The original Biwan watch is paired with a burgundy red bezel, a black dial, rose gold hands and hour markers, and a milky white fluorescent coating. It has the soft and warm luster unique to an antique watch. The style of the Biwan blue outer ring version is quite different, and is aptly nicknamed “Midnight Blue” by Tudor fans. The icy dial and sharp contrast add to the overall feel of a professional instrument. All three versions show the pioneering spirit of the first Tudor diving watch, among which the black version is the most incisive. This watch is full of nostalgia, but there is no shortage of advanced technology, condensing the essence of the two worlds. There is a new decorative detail on the unidirectional rotating outer ring-the famous red triangle mark, which is very eye-catching. This detail is borrowed from Tudor watches in the 1950s.

Green Bay 1958 “Navy Blue”

Inheriting the brand’s consistent use and long tradition of blue for sports watches, Tudor is now launching a new masterpiece-“Navy Blue” based on its flagship model Black Bay Fifty-Eight. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” (Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue”) is named after its color scheme, echoing the important year of 1958. At that time, Tudor introduced the first diving watch with a water-resistant depth of 200 meters (660 feet), model 7924, also known as the “big crown”. The Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” model inherits many of the long-standing aesthetic features of the original diving watch, and is matched with the 39 mm diameter case that was popular in the 1950s. It can also be easily controlled by wearers with slender wrists. At the same time, the new model also continues the Tudor sports watch’s use of blue and a long tradition, and is the favorite choice for compact watches and retro models.

Tudor Blue

In 1969, Tudor introduced a diving watch with a blue dial and outer ring. After that, other sports watches in the series also launched blue styles, and quickly formed one of the most iconic and classic and lasting characteristic elements of Tudor-“Tudor Blue”. In the 1970s, with the large-scale adoption of Tudor diving watches by the French Navy, this brand-specific color was favored by more people. Inspired by this inspiration, the Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” model continues the long tradition of “Tudor Blue” and incorporates a modern style. It uses a navy blue dial and outer ring, and is matched with a navy blue “light touch soft” strap in the same color. , The flannel-like synthetic material brings an excellent wearing experience that is light to soft.

10th Anniversary of Tudor Textured Strap

The textured strap equipped with this watch also uses navy blue as the main color. As a major feature of Tudor watches, the use of textured straps can be traced back to 2010. This kind of strap is made by a company called Julien Faure in St-Etienne, France. It is woven with a jacquard loom in the 19th century. It is of high quality and comfortable to wear. Tudor launched the brand’s first watch equipped with the factory’s textured strap in 2010, the Heritage Chrono. Not long before this, the two parties had started close cooperation. In 2020, TUDOR and this 150-year-old family company will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their cooperation. This commemorative moment not only aims to celebrate the long-standing cooperative relationship between the two parties, but also reflects the precious friendship that the two brands value each other’s excellence and professionalism.

Original Tudor calibre MT5402

The Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” model is equipped with the original Tudor calibre MT5402, which has the functions of displaying hours, minutes and seconds. The movement adopts the classic finish of the original Tudor watch movement. The one-piece hollow tungsten automatic oscillating weight is processed by a frosted process with sandblasted details. The plywood and the main plywood are interlaced with polished and sandblasted finishes, embellished with laser decorations.

The inside of the movement adopts the method of fixing both sides of the inertial fine-tuning balance wheel with a solid cross plate to ensure that the watch is sturdy, durable, reliable and accurate. The original Tudor calibre MT5402 is equipped with a non-magnetic silicon balance spring, which not only has the official Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC), but also has outstanding performance that exceeds the standards set by the independent institution. According to the Swiss official observatory’s certification regulations on the movement speed, the daily average error of the movement relative to the absolute time can be between -4 and +6 seconds. The daily error is only between -2 and +4 seconds. Another notable feature of the original TUDOR calibre MT5402 is its 70-hour power reserve, which allows the wearer to “worry-free on the weekend”. In other words, if you take off your watch on Friday night, you only need to It can be used normally when you put it on your wrist, no need to rewind and adjust the chain.

Green Bay Essence

Like other models in the Biwan series, the Biwan 1958 “Navy Blue” model follows one of the iconic features of Tudor diving watches-the angular “snowflake” hand, which first appeared in the brand’s 1969 product Directory. The Biwan series cleverly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking techniques. Its watches are not re-engraved classic watches, but condensed the essence of TUDOR’s nearly seventy years of diving watch production, and still dominate the watch world today. The new watches are more integrated into the neo-retro design style, and occupy a leading position in terms of craftsmanship, precision and reliability, sturdiness and durability, and detail finishing, and are a model for the industry.

Tudor diving watch

The history of Tudor diving watches can be traced back to 1954. The first diving watch model is 7922, which is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). Since then, Tudor has opened up a long journey in the underwater field. With affordable prices, sturdiness, reliability and precision, the Tudor diving watch is an outstanding example of the Tudor functional watch concept. In the seventy years since the birth of the original model 7922, the Tudor diving watch has continued to improve and has been widely recognized and appreciated by professionals in the industry, including the most influential navies in the world.

Tudor Warranty Terms

In order to realize the vision of making ideal watches, Hans. Hans Wilsdorf founded the Tudor brand in 1926. Since then, Tudor has always been committed to making high-quality watches that are durable, accurate and reliable. With a wealth of watchmaking experience and full confidence in the quality of its watches, Tudor provides a five-year warranty for all products sold after January 1, 2020. This warranty does not require watch registration, does not require any maintenance inspections, and is transferable. All Tudor watch products purchased from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019 can also enjoy an additional 18-month extension guarantee, with a total warranty period of three and a half years. Regarding the use of the watch, Tudor recommends that the watch should be sent for repair every ten years, depending on the model and daily use conditions.


Tudor is an award-winning Swiss high-end watch brand. The watches produced are exquisite and elegant, precise and reliable, and of excellent quality. They are value-for-money choices. The origin of Tudor can be traced back to 1926, when Hans, the founder of Rolex. Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark “The TUDOR”. In 1946, he founded Montres TUDOR SA Tudor watch company, the production of watches followed the quality concept respected by Rolex, but the price is more acceptable to the public. Since its establishment, TUDOR watches have been chosen for brave people who are not afraid of challenges on land, under the sea and on ice. Today, Tudor watches include classic series such as Black Bay, Pelagos, 1926 and Royal. Since 2015, Tudor has launched high-quality original mechanical movements with different functions.