Blancpain Fifty Fathoms No Rad

Pay 9 years old Fathoms No Rad: Reinterpretation of a limited landmark model Blancpain reinterprets the historical time of the symbol, and the fifty Fathom has no “no radiation”. The diving instrument of the mid-1960s, of which the German Navy Fight Swimmer uses a version with a feature of the stamp, with a “radiation” flag indicating that the BLANCPAIN does not use a luminescent material composed of radium. This unique symbol on the watch dial has successfully successfully; the watch and its variants are now the most standardized 50-type Fathoms model, which is the five-year-old pay tribute to NO WAL aimed to honor. Collectors Note: This watch is issued in a limited range of 500 pieces.

Blancpain pays tribute to the fifty-year-old, no RAD WATCH re-examines its historical model. Its matte dark black dial is made in geometric hours, combined with the traditional dots and 12 o’clock rectangles and diamond markers. Chapter, Time Scale on Hands and Feeds All features “Old Radium” – COLOURED Super-Luminova┬« Renewed Vintage Time Map Matter Map.

The 3 o’clock is sitting in a white rim that is seen in one of the 1960s models highlight the date aperture. Yellow and red “radiated” logo remains the dominant elements on the dial, increasing this timepiece already strong personality. One-way rotating baffle, typical typical design with typical BlancPain fifty Finom models, with sapphire insert, is a unique feature of contemporary collection. Its dome profile helps to observe the depth effect of the face, which has been enhanced by using Glassbox type sapphire crystals. Water resistance to 300 meters, the steel box size is 40.3 mm, the diameter is dedicated to the limited edition of 50 people. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms No Rad

It has BlancPain Caliber 1151, a self-winding machine with a silicon remain spring, which gives a four-day power reserve. Its two buckets are wrapped in a rotor with a vortex pore, and some historical clocks in the collection include the first fifty Fathoms. Now, it is currently used to increase the comfort of oscillation weight to maintain exercise in the event of an impact. The watch is equipped with a “Tropic” -Type rubber strap, which is a very submerged material diving on the same day because its durability and wearer’s comfort.

Through this limited series, BlancPain is restores cult instruments to the Navy of many armed forces worldwide. In 1953, the French combat swimmer was the first swimmer used by 50 people using 50 people. Due to its waterproof, easy-to-read, safety and robustness, the watch immediately becomes an integral part of its equipment. Others follow, including the German army, acquired 50 Fathoms RPG 1 models in the mid-1960s, now better known as “Bund No Rad”. The name refers to the term “armed forces” (armed forces), engraved “Kampfschwimmer”, elite Germany Frogman Commando unit, until the early 1970s. The difference attribute of the RPG 1 model is “no radiation” flag, first dial 50 Fathom for the first time in the dial.

In the early 1960s, radium-used radioactive components used in the tabulation of their luminescent properties – was announced harmful to health. In order to make professional diver and experience in hobbies, they purchased 50 people from professional equipment providers, so it decided to clearly indicate that there is an acactivated radium – and harmless. Special symbols consisting of three red segments on a black cross-shaped yellow background are accompanied by “radiated” words, which is designed to ensure that the news is easy to understand. The same logo on the 50-type Fathom RPGA 1 is then appeared, which is the “Bund No Rad” calendar-based variant, which will still be the main standard.

These diver’s watches, who’s dials indicate that there is no radium through the “no radiation” mark, and it is specially guilty after the collector’s item. They now form a part of the 50-year-old legendary legacy.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms No Rad Technical Specifications
Ref. 5008D 1130 B64A


Date and seconds
Unidirectional sapphire bezel
Black dial

Calibre 1151
Diameter: 27.40 mm
Thickness: 3.25 mm
Power reserve: 100 hours
Jewels: 28
Components: 210

Steel case
Diameter: 40.30 mm
Thickness: 13.23 mm
Water-resistance: 30 bar
Saphyre crystal back
Inter-horn space: 200mm