Breitling Chronomat Machinery

Nativity year: 1984

Mechanical Time (Chronomat) is Breitling after a navitimer (NAVITIMER), a charter of the main flight, and modern version is launched in 1984. Have a player may ask, do you have a mechanical timing series when you have aircraft? The reason is that the quartz table in the 1970s and 1980s is prevailing. In the 1979 Breitling family sold a hundred years of spiritual brand, the new pick-up is in this environment, and it is intended to introduce a new mechanical table, which is the mechanical timing series.

The prototype table of the mechanical timing series was originally sold to the Italian Air Force Sany-color arrow flight performance team, and then sold in 1984. The greatest feature of the Breitling mechanical timing is that there are 4 raised “small squares” on the lap, which are used to protect the mirror. At the same time, the roller beads of the bullet model is also a major feature of mechanical timing. online men watches

At present, the new mechanical timing is currently sold, restore the appearance of historical models, and more fashionable. The raised squares of the lap, the roller beads are retained. At the same time, in addition to the steel ring version, the ceramic ring version (super mechanical timing) is also added. Ceramic ring type size 44 mm, steel ring model size 42 mm. Mechanical Timing B01, using breTLING Self-produced B01 automatic timing core, has an observatory certification, 5 years of quality assurance. Compared to the Navitimer, the mechanical timing table head chain tends to integrated design, more insensitive, 200 meters waterproof. At the same time, the cost performance of the mechanical timing B01 is also very good, and the starting price is lower than the aviation timing. The steel ring version is started, and the ceramic ring 60800 starts.

Is Breitling invented a check list?

There is a player who believes that it is a hundred years invented a charter, which is not. fashion Breitling the maximum contribution of time tables is to invente the “timing button”. Before Breitling, the table’s button is integrated with the crown. Pressing the crown is startup, then pressing it to stop, then pressing zero, cycling. This design cannot be done after the timing is stopped again. It is also not conducive to waterproof.

Breitling invented a separate timing button in 1923, separated the timing button from the crown. Put the timing button in 2 points, used to operate start and stop, the crown continues to control zero, so you can continuously timing. Then in 1934, Breitling was completely separated from the crown, starting at 2 o’clock, and zeroing the construction of the modern chronograph. It can be said that there is no Breitling, there is no modern chronograph, there is no later super-heart.